Jon Olsson
  • The Shot Caller

    Bobby Burns a freestyle hero icon the coolest looking skis in the hstory of man

    Thank you Bobby for all the skis and the great creativity wow

  • Nicolas Roth

    hi jon, fantastic trip taking the heli everyday but i was surprised by the non-steepness… are you going somewhere steep anytime soon to show some hardcore skiing?
    cheers & keep us dreaming!!

  • Bjarne Holm Pedersen

    Dear Jon and Marcus

    when you ski i think that BLACK AND WHITE is better, but when do freestyle dont do black and white, nvm just jest it before you post the vlog.

    but when you ski in powder use BLACK AND WHITE

    hope you read my commet

  • HauganB

    Nå snakker vi!! Like før jeg setter på meg på flyet nedover….

  • (Still) No insight into how Lewis Hamilton is in real life? At least, you captured one of his folks in this vlog..

    Cheers, Lisa |

  • NEcyclist88

    Any plans on stepping into some real terrain or do you get more Instagram likes as a glorified ski tourist? It’s been kind of a bummer watching you care less and less about skiing each year but I guess you’ve earned the right. Cheers.