Jon Olsson
  • Ryna Safitri

    They asked me how I knew .. I just need a Wife ;o)

  • Francois Dupont

    Awesome vibes, Jon your down to earth personality gives your vlogs a special twist.
    Janni equally has this raw it’s just life… live it up.. most excellent energy. I try to live my life with the same energy in a no limit, let’s be grateful, love life way and really enjoy watching your vlogs. Big congrats on your genius engagement, you two will take life to the next level..

  • Cedric Colman

    Congrats J&J // Ps: This cinecam guy is a spammer dont click hes link it gives you a virus..

    • cinecam media

      Dear Cedric!
      If you have time to write completely fake bullshit I suggest you find a hobby or something.
      The links are going to my Instagram and my website which has been made by which is one of the biggest website creator sites. SO NO VIRUSES!!!
      Seriously why would you write things! If you have that much time you should give me some!
      So please delete the comment!

  • The Shot Caller

    I’ve been following your blog since Mount Visuvious erupted in Pompeii Italy back in 200 AD

    Congratulations to both of you

    Praise Jesus who is God

    Hopefully your best man is Hans . and hopefully you invite Tanner Hall to your wedding too

  • cinecam media

    Hi Jon! @jonolsson
    Please read through this comment!!!!
    I’m a 17 years old filmmaker from Hungary. I decided to leave a comment on every post of your blog until you reply :D First you need to know that I’m not a crazy, wired fan!
    … In my opinion, we have got a lot in common. How we live, think and see the future (you will know what I mean here). And this is one of the main reasons why I’m writing to you. I learned so much from you! Filmmaking for me is the biggest passion in my life. I don’t consider any other things to do in my life. I’m a friendly, kind, hardworking, reliable, obsequious and persistent guy. I do everything possible to achieve my goals (For example: waking up 3:30 am when others are sleeping and go to shoot). I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I do CrossFit to keep my shape :). I live my life and think as a 27 years old man. :) I have been a filming at the FINA BUDAPEST SWIMMING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, and I’m making short films and commercials.

    So why am I writing to you?

    Because I want to be a part of Team Overkill or help to film your wedding, etc.. I had so many signs in my life that has shown me the future and that I should do, and I know the next thing in my life is to write this message to you and do what I wrote in the previous sentence.

    Just to show you how passionate and hardworking I am: When I was working on the FINA project I was constantly shooting for 10 days (without any resting, except sleeping) At the 11th day I sat down for 10 minutes to have a conversation with other filmmakers. I had a wired feeling. And I realized what was that. I missed shooting. I wanted to go back and shoot more and more (after 10days of shooting)! ( 17 days, 256 358 step, approx. 187 KM)

    And I have so many stories like this.

    I was wondering if this is the right time to write this message to you or it would be better a bit later. But there is a quote which says “A YEAR FROM TODAY YOU’LL WISH YOU STARTED TODAY!”. And it is “MORE THAN A 110%” true. :)
    So the decision is in your hand to make my life better or not! And why do we have a LOT in common? Because we want to hear the answer “YES” to our questions. (You know what I mean ;) ) So, PLEASE contact me on Instagram and tell me your answer


    My website:


  • Pete Morris

    So Awesome, Jon … so very happy for Jon and Janni! Perfect!