Jon Olsson



I think that today is the first day where I feel like I am back to normal in my head, have been working all day and it feels great! I am still not flying around but I am getting there! Swelling is down and I am about to head downstairs for a round of rehab and some upper body, think its time to start moving this body around so i don't disappear here in the coach! 

I put out an instagram post the other day with a #jonolssoncamo hashtag as I have seen a bunch of camo cars that has joined the family, but through the # I got to see a bunch more so if you know of any, go ahead and tag them! So cool how this has become a trend over the past few years, I get about an e mail a day from car owners as well as race teams a cross the world that wants help with the camo look so I think thats super cool! Below are a collection of the ones I found, some seriously unique stuff in there! ;-)


  • Mathijs

    Hi Jon you forget this one. Nice dutch camo car.

  • easty027

    what the hell is that 4 door saloon car with the R8 front and jelly style camo?. Its about as attractive as fire damaged lego !

  • Jms

    Hi Jooner, as I follow you on Twitter I just wan’t to highlight that every blogpost result in 2 tweets, one from FB and one from the blog, I assume. That’s a bit annoying :-)

    Get well soon!

  • RICHi

    Wich car is it above the helicopter and audi A5 pic??? The one that looks like a r8 in front, please answer

  • tsamps

    Pretty sure your camo made it on this season Top Gear!

    You need to get on this show. Set the lap record for star in reasonably priced car.

  • Alfonso
  • lowbro

    There is this german guy (marco forstmann) who claims this whole “j.olsson” camo thing was invented by him, only because he had an very low a6 2-3 years ago… such a clown :D

    • JON

      Well unless he did the camo before 2008 he is a little late… ;-) Thats when I did my first Gallardo! But who cares, still cool no matter who did it first!


      • lowbro

        yeah true, i think its just sad on how he “hates” on other white-black-camo cars and claims that they are cheap fakes from his car… altough your gallardo was the first :D

  • matsved

    kolla in hans feta s2, med SnowCamo kostym! (Y)