Jon Olsson

La Suisse


Normally when you are at a place like this its a bloggers dream, epicness everywhere. Now on day 15 here I am just trying to find something that I have not pointed my camera towards in order to not just show the same pic over and over again!  Incase I fall for the temptation of my "standard" morning shot here again, it will only be because its even better than the ones I have already taken! ;-)

So today I figured that I would use another of your comments and write about who is here training and who I am training with. As most of you know the Swedish EC team was scrapped last year so I am on a one man mission. Thanks to Oscars contacts in the sport it has been working great and we have joined in with different teams every day in exchange of a tray of Red Bull so that has been great! Today I trained with the Suisse EC team and since they where occupying the podium on most EC races this year its perfect! It gives me a chance to see what they are doing and compare it to myself to them. The Swedish WC men are here as well as the Swedish EC ladies, the Austrian SL team and a whole lot of the top Freestyle guys including mr Elias Ambuehl. It seems that almost everyone is either here and in Zermatt or in South America, but with the conditions we have had here I think that we have made the right call to stay in Europe, its just been amazing every single day.

Will ski with the Suisse guys tomorrow as well and maybe take a run or two on time for the first time this year, have been taking it very slow so far in order not to stress and really work on what I should be doing rather than trying to set a fast time. But at some point its good to see if the speed is there as well!


  • Jms

    Did Elias have change of glass supplier? Or is that old news?

  • The first run on time … time to rob a Suisse bank then

    peace out,

  • LR

    When is colmar releasing its winter collection?

  • Sevi

    Come to Luzern! Then I will show you the city.

  • Sevi

    Yeah switzerland :D you must go to Lucern!