Jon Olsson

Lets do it all!


Since we are only here for a few days we have become pretty good at really using the days well to try to see as much as possible in ashore amount of time! We start the day off at 7 am with a great breakfast where me and Janni get our blogs done and answer to all the e mails, perfect to get it all done so we can relax and do as many other things and possible during the day!

Wrote some cations below the pics!

Thought it was really funny to see this nice RR on such an old transport!

1 minute later there is another one, I guess thats how they roll in Dubai! ;-)

The view of the high rises from the beach close to the Dubai Maria

Shooting beach outfit for Jannis blog

The girls covering Ako in sand!

He has a decent rack to start with but I guess the girls wanted to make them bigger!

The sandy hulk! ;-)

Burning up after 3 hours in the sun, tried to play it smart but I still woke up with a nice pink tone to my skin! 

Walked over to the CF box, stated out with a bunch of "prehab" for an hour and then moved on to some skipping rope, handstand walk and muscle ups!

The Muscle ups are coming along, did 18 in a few minutes before I ripped my hand open and decided to call it a day!

Tired but happy!

Rushed back in the taxi (which by the way is incredibly cheap here)  to the hotel, got changed and headed to the Dubai mall, its safe to say that its the biggest mall I have ever seen, even their little fish tank was bigger than average… ;-)

And before we left we had to see the fountain in front of the Burj Khalifa, such a crazy view!

Today we are going to visit Moe who I met at Gumball and check out his new CF gym that opens today, 3 more days and still a lot of things to see! This place is so much cooler than I imagined, so happy that we decided to go!


  • HES

    Hvilket hotell bodde dere på i Dubai? Og var det bra?

  • Glöm inte att gå ut till valetparkingarna lite då & då när du är på mallsen. Dyker oftast upp en massa roliga saker där. Jag Brukar alltid passa på när tjejen fastnat på victorias secret ;) glöm inte att knata runt vid vattnet bakom marina mall på kvällen.
    Dean & deluca på dubai mall är nice för bra mat å gofika m utsikt över fontänen.
    Shakespear and co är ett fik som finns på några ställen i dubai & d gillar damerna ;)
    Om du ska till abu dhabi så har du deras raggarrunda som påminner mkt om en svensk hålas på al marina ut mot heritage village. Men Inga volvos på deras raggarrundor direkt.