Jon Olsson

Mid Air!


Just woke up here in Sydney after a killer trip to Thredbo and Perisher! Had a couple more days planned up there but with a ton of rain on the forecast and a VERY sore knee I made the call to drive down with all the boys yesterday!

Had a great ski day before that where I tried out a mid air selfie for the first time, super weird but at least I got a shot! haha Pretty windy so did not get to try any new tricks but that just made me more stoked to ski! Had not planned to do any glacier skiing this fall, but I might have to consider that as I cant wait to jump again!

For sure one of the best trips in years, totally got my stoke back and I am more than excited for the upcoming winter, all I have to do now is set a bunch of fun plans and get on it. Knowing that I can hit huge kickers just opens up so many opportunities that I did not think I would have this year! Sooooo pumped!


  • James

    Great to have you back in skiing Jon. Can’t wait to see some video proof of it, did any of the other guys publish an edit or do you have something in the making?

  • The Shot Caller

    Swing down to Argentina it will change your F lifestyle

    first go to Mar del plata stay ocean front golf at the st andrews alternative ocean view workout a good gym spend some beach time

    then go over the what ever argentina alps you desire that has a kicker or two and have some fun keep eyes peeled for your soulmate

    Players make plays

    also go hit some water ramps so you are prepared

    get more physio massage on knees massage is the best and good God given food

    PS what did you think of the cadallac convertible for next years rally

  • siggi

    Jon you look super cold. Everybody is sleeved up in hoodies, and you are buttoned up :)

    Btw with all old friends, are you still alco free? ;)

    • JON

      haha, yea I am not quite cool enough to ski in a hoodie yet! ;-) Yup still alco free, needed all the focus I had to ski so no chance I would waste a day for some alcohol! haha


  • marian

    all the best for your knee!

  • Carl Cardell

    You should start a all-star (veterans ;) ) tour with the “older” freeskiers :)

    • marian

      yes man!! would be so fun!

  • Matthew Kelleher

    Jon –

    When is the Odlo jacket your wearing going on sale? Is it going to be available in the US?


    • Marien

      already available in the odlo webshop, maybe jon should have mentioned this ? ;)