Jon Olsson

Surfing Manly!


Flying over here I did not expect to get any surfing opportunities as I was 100% focused on skiing. Turns out my bag is set to arrive tomorrow so this means that I will get 3 days of surfing before I head up to the snow. Not a bad alternative when you loose you bags!

Staying at a friend of a frieds house down here and have been surfing with them. So funny that the gave me their biggest board thats a 5.8 (smallest I usually ride is a 6.2) So I will admit that its a little challenging but at the same time great practice! Got a whole bunch of waves today and had a fantastic time! Usually when I am about to get crushed by a wave a look at it with fear, but right now I am so stoked to be in the water that I just think “god that turquoise wave is so beautiful” Thats how stoked I am in the water!

Stoked to see more of Sydney as well, we have been surfing at Manly the last couple of days and to be honest I can almost see myself living here, liking it a lot here so far!

Think I might go buy a board this afternoon as I need a board for Hawaii anyway so I might as well get it right away, been a few years since I got myself a new board so pretty pumped! ;-)


  • Awesome waves. That beach looks awesome!

  • skiforsam

    are you going to perisher to ski?

    • JON

      yes, as soon as the bags arrive!


  • Michael Bailey

    Hey Jon,
    You should come skydiving tomorrow!! I work for Skydive The Beach and I’m a massive fan. The weather tomorrow looks perfect and our drop zone is right on the beach at Wollongong so you can jump out of the plane then catch some waves straight after. Let me know if you are keen.


    • JON

      Thanks for the offer! I do think I will stay on the ground, skydiving seems scary to me! haha ;-)


  • Emma Knutsson

    Älskar Manly!! Jag bor 2,5h norr om Sydney, en semesterby som heter Anna Bay, sjukt fina stränder och bra surf om du har vägarna förbi =)
    Ha så kul i Australien =)

    / Emma

    • JON

      yes, super nice här nere! Skulle lätt kunna bo här! ;-)