Jon Olsson

Morning glory!


So first off, sorry for being a sucky blogger over the past few days!

After building the jump, getting up at 5am for 14 days straight, ski racing when not in the ski cat, I was pretty beat after we finally got to hit the kicker, especially as a cold was sneaking up on me.

So i had to try to take a bit of a "time out" from the "high speed perfection life". I did so and had a good time, went shopping, looked at cars and boats and even did a bit of clubbing. 

To be honest I am not sure how good it was, I feel way better when I get up early and ski hard, I just realise every time I "chill" how much better I feel when I work hard and give everything I do 100%. However I cant spend my life with a 5 am wake up call, so I need to work on my balance for this kind of things! ( I feel like a king right now after 40 emails and a blog post before 7am haha)

Could write forever about my thoughts about "life balance", how to handle the "Lala land of Monaco" and how I am trying to find the balance between work dedication and the life enjoyment side of life. I think I will save that one for later, kind of a really hard subject to make sense in and really get my thought through… All I can say is that the older I get and the more aware of this I get, the more I feel that its important to keep my eyes open and secure both feet  on the ground…

Its a fine line to walk,  to make it even thinner we went boat hunting…;-)

Me and my friend Marcus (who I visited in Singapore in Sept) went and looked at this Riva "Rivarama",  truly amazing!

The only problem is that the more amazing things like this I look at and get into, the more I feel that the balance in life is harder to find. Its like I love it and its all I ever dreamed of, but it almost scars me a little how insane my life has become, but at the same time its very motivating!

No results- No play!

Time to hit the slopes and try my best at the one thing that matters, then I can think about things like this!


  • carla

    There is a logo by lamborghini in the top of the page between your other sponsors – Does Lamborghini sponsor you now? Haven’t heard anything about it :)

  • Patrik

    I have to ask, the black and white race pic in the top… Is it the same as Mattias took right before christmas in US? I commented that pic that it would be even better with a bib… And now it is a bib there… Have someone been editing that pic so you wear a bib? Anyway… racepic’s are really cool…

  • Fabbe

    RIVA RIVARAMA 44 Price starts from €980,000.. Not bad Jon ;) Love the new LP-670.. with the big wing? in White? excellent choice!
    Videoblogg soon?

  • crille

    Buy a boat with a Volvo Penta engine combined with their IPS propulsion system. It´s an amazing product. ( I worked in their factory in Sweden)

  • fucking retards in here. your a skier not a gay man

    • Kim

      What is wrong with being gay?

    • ABC Channel

      Why did you make such a statement?

  • Videoblog tonight???

    Come on Knox & Olsson. We want to see one HELLUVA videoblog.

  • juss

    why riva? sunseeker would be better maybe superhawk!!

  • Global Shot Caller

    You always wanted a boat the amount you are in monaco you could live on your boat

    Imagine Joss and being able to take the boys on your own boat

    just swimming deep out to sea is really incredibly health it aligns your acid alcholine levels

    I do think you would be even happier owning your own castle in monaco or a 2 bed flat
    But like Switzerland they are expensive

    Game up and bless out

    By the way the Jon Daley show is great too but not as good as u blog etc

    You are doing a great job as we always say!

  • Fredrik

    New videoblog tonight? :)

  • Luiz

    Hey what do you think about a biography about the your life?
    I read the biogrophy of Bode Miller and it was great to get to know what a skier thinks.
    In my opinion a book about your life would be very very interesting.
    So think about it ;)
    Greets from Germany!

    • Global Shot Caller

      in that book he was not as amped about winning gold in olympics as he was of being world champion something tells me he loves having that Gold another phenomenial athlete and winner of battle of super stars

  • Carl Cardell

    Your back :) nice too see.

    well the sun is shining over us here in sweden this morning and the sky is blue all over (except for some tiny tiny clouds)

    Boat shopping well if you live in MC you should have a boat and if your “training camp” in limone pays of you reward yourself with one! :)

    Personally I´m a fan of Chris Craft boats if I want to chill but go hardcore and get a Fountain =)