Jon Olsson

Sharkes Cove


Maybe its not so bad to have a couple flat days without waves! ;-) Have never really done much diving before but yesterday we jumped in at Sharks Cove and I have to say that I loved it! I even dove down and into a couple reef tunnels which is one of the things that scares me the most, I just hate the idea of being deep under water with reef on top of me!  But Riley made me do it and once I popped back up I kind of fell in love with it! You can see on one of the pics that I am about to enter a tunnel with a hole in the end, such a scary but cool feeling!

Paddle boarding on the river on the schedule today, stoked to see what that has to offer!


  • Awesome pics! Is that done with the sony action cam? I guess the water is a bit chilly looking at the last pic of Janni :D Did you came across some sharks or cool looking fish?

  • Gustav Keijser

    Great pics, i have been thinking about buying a go pro but i assume you use the sony action cam, maybe i will buy that one instead. your editing has become much better lately, really like that you found your way of editing.
    I commented on your last post about some graphics on skis that i think you should consider, would match perfect to the new ODLO-collection.
    I made some improvement and added some bindings so it looks more realistic. Loved those custom Lambo-skis you did some years ago.

  • Josh Whitford

    Great photos, looks like a lot of fun.