Jon Olsson



Some say its just a black metal credit card. I completely agree, but that does not change the fact that I want things that are hard to get!;-) Finally got my long awaited AMEX black! I guess christmas came early this year! I have to say that they did a pretty good job on the package it came in, lets hope the anodized titanium card is as good! ;-)

World Cup in Kranjska Gora tomorrow, skiing feels good sto stoked to go out there and have fun!

Go go go!


  • Can you view any picture back side of this card? looks AMAZING

  • Fredrik


    Yniq with HEAD stripes? Looking at Janserud in Kranska…

    / Fredrik

  • Anton

    Nice! One day i gonna own a black card!

  • Russ


  • Tobias Olsson

    Varför har du 5 st ?:)

  • Maximillion

    well done! only the sky is the limit!

  • JOB

    It´s very heavy for a CC don´t you think? My best friend has one and it really feels weighty when you hold it, supercool.

    Enjoy it!!



  • Dude

    To get the card you need to do a couple things.

    1. Spend $250,000 on your Amex in one year
    2. Agree to spend $5000 upfront on intiation to get the card
    3. Pay $2500 per year in fees to have it and use it
    4. Pay $1500 for every card on top of that

    But you get access to person shoppers, personal conceierge, and a wack of travel benefits.

    Guess I gotta start buying Lambo’s on my credit card for this sucker.

  • richard

    What do you have to do to get it?

    this Is something i was always wondering.

  • Jimmy

    Why did they send you three cards?

    • It’s actually five cards.

  • Marcus

    COOL :D

  • Kjell

    That’s badass

  • Adrian

    Haters gonna hate
    Lovers gonna love!