Jon Olsson
  • Brett

    What’s the name of the ball blanket you got a couple weeks back?

  • Krejzi Buffalo

    Hey man. From time to time I check your vlogs. I really liked the huracan and the 5 business tips. Maby you can help me. I’m a bit stuck with my bussines. I want to sell my radios abroad, but nobody knows me or my radios… :-/
    Instagram: Bostjan133

  • The Shot Caller

    1. If it fly’s Floats or F don’t buy it lease it but occasionally the last F is ok to buy
    2. create and set your own trend . example when I walk out the door I set the trend for the day.
    3. Gratitude to God which is Numbero uno .
    4. Nobody is self made example jons parents were risk takers and creative look at the volkswagen jons dad had with all the marketing stuff
    5. Pray and then make plays:0

    Bottom line so happy for Jon and what he is doing for skiing it is awesome
    Jon you are a playmaker

  • SonaMahlin

    Not very smart not wearing seatbelts, Jon…

  • Bolivia Plays

    im from brazil and you inspire me alot to one be rich and happy as you seem to be so Jon cotinue doing your vlogs