Jon Olsson
  • joakim lundström

    Snart dags att uppdatera fliken om dina bilar?

  • The Shot Caller

    You have to go to mountains with that car . build a jump

    That is a Dominant CAr . love that car

  • SonaMahlin

    Have you tried the drone? 100kph!

  • Thim Schouten

    Where can we download a wallpaper???

    • Art Sac

      i want also one, give me a notice if you get it

    • Philip Elverskog

      Check out @hanstheg_offical on instagram. I think that they post wallpapers on their story sometimes! I’ve got some from there

  • Pete Morris

    Ja, men … but what will you build for Janni?

    • SonaMahlin

      A pink Huracan spider called Miss Penelope?