Here are the very first hoodies from N.01 that we are going to sell.
3 of them will be available on very soon, so be ready!
I hope you guys like them as much as I do!

Don’t forget to comment below and let us know which one is your favourite!








  • Ryan L

    #’s 2,3,4 are sick, can’t wait to get them Jon and Benni

  • Fabio Edgar Charrua Neves

    Do you have an update on the release?

  • Nik Pirih

    The first hoodi is the best looking

  • 1, 3, and 5! Now SHUT AP AND TAKE MY MONEY! lol ;) They’re awesome! Love them! When can I get’em?! Keep up the great work btw. Love the vids and everything that you’re doing. Much respect!

  • Michael Brenke

    3 months later and I don’t see anything available on

    Not good guys. :/

    • Zack Beardsley

      Same! Anyone know how i can purchase one?

  • loliver

    nr 1,2 and 3 looks good

  • Joonas Ranta

    I like first one the most and fifth one is very close almost split the first palce but still get second place in this race! I am big fan and didn’t miss any videos in youtube! Very best in the future and congrats to getting married with Janni! I have same situation in autumn with my future wife!

  • gino carotta

    N.01 The Normal one and definitely the best one ☝️

  • Ratu Jimmy Singh

    Great job on the merch…I came across your videos view weeks ago and been binge watching item.awesome your work

  • Magnus Amlien

    Number 1 and 2 prints are awesome, in both colors! Have you thought about have the print down the sleeve?

  • Thomas Aaren Romundstad

    Where can i buy these and other No.1 products? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Luis Lavradio

    When are they coming out? Can’t wait to get my hands on 2 and 3! They look awesome!

  • Malthe Steen Nielsen

    Hey Jon, when will the clothing be open for purchase?

  • Adrian Nan

    maybe a 2 colours , like the rs6 ?

  • Jared Tansimore

    Number 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 are my favorites!

  • Stefan Stanzl

    Jag har en dotter som surfar. Bali i höstas. Hawaii 3 veckor sedan. Nu costa Rica i 2 veckor. Finns din N.01 bräda att köpa? Hon skulle bli helt överlycklig att få en sån bräda.

  • Simas Iljinas

    All desings are very good , i wpuld buy all them and also if Jon did car decals with normal one and douchebag stickers it would go to sale as hot buns for his fans.

  • Alejandra A. Gonzalez

    The first two options!! Can’t wait to get one!

  • Wouter Van den Poel

    Il like 2 and 3!

    Maybe make a NO.1 hoodie with the phoenix theme!
    1 side white 1 side black with the red stripe in the mid!

  • André Ekholm

    Jon. Ta beslutet och kör på alternativ 1 och gör den i svart och vitt. Eller gör du som på bilen! Svart på ena sidan och vitt på andra ;-) /Ciao

  • Dominik Cohrs

    I really like number 3 in Black !!!

  • HLanneau

    I love the car and the surfboard so much! I think you should make your hoodies like that! Half white, half black.

  • joesuer864

    Really like 1 and 2, hopefully some shirts also!

  • Jirka Kroček

    1 a 2

  • Leopold Stavmark

    tjena orkar inte skriva på engelska så men deb sista vita men text på luvan och lite på sidan

  • Konsti S

    I like the first one most, but it´s very hard to choose from black and white haha…
    I´d probably get both :)
    When can we expect them to be on the market? Because I´ll definitely get one or two.
    Greetings from Germany :)

  • Mikaël Buschmann

    BIG Fan of the first two designs!
    Can’t wait to order :)

  • Roshina Font

    I think the second and third designs are super nice!! (Black and white)
    I would definitely go for those!

  • admiral70

    1 and 3 looks great.

  • Tomás Medina de Brito

    The number 1 is the best.

  • Joachim Ingeberg Ringstad

    number 1 and 2 are awesome, 3 and 4 is cool as well.

  • Hunor KovácsLove

    number 6! I love that one! Smaller text. But all are very cool. But if i have to vote, it’s the last one, number 6.

  • Martijn Vermin

    Number 1 is awesome

  • Thomas Doherty

    I like 5 and 6 best. I like the minimal text which wraps around the side. Subtle and cool! I would definitely buy this style.

  • Mitch Palmer

    The first two variations! Not a fan of the one line text going around the waste. Love the logo, dope designs!!

  • Marcin Murawski

    first and second hoodie look the best for me

  • Mat

    I would buy one of each if you print big sizes but the best design is number 1 and 3

  • Matthias Roets

    I love the ones whit te text on the side it is a bit different and thats what the brand is all about.
    At last keep up the nice work and I think its really cool to give the backpack set to a student with its backpack end work.
    I love all the work you guy’s do so keep it up and keep thinking big, because thinking small is for nomes ;)

  • Sebastian Rezmer

    Every project is awesome. But why don’t you make hoodie like your Audi? Black and white? Like surfboard behind you?

  • Christoffer Mattsson

    Jag tycker nummer 3 och 4 ser riktigt bra ut. Snyggt me loggan på sidan!

  • Pietro

    I really like the first design (in black and in white), I think it’s cool and proportional. I don.’t like the design on the side, you can’t read it and it leaves too much blank space.
    A super cool touch would be putting the number of the piece in the hoodie instead of the N.01. I know it would require some more time and money, but I would love the idea of numbered and limited series!
    Please release them soon, I need new hoodies!

  • Niklas Niglus Henriksson

    Please make No1 & No2 :)

  • siggi

    Nr. 2 (black or white) – aesthetically pleasing. Nr. 1 would make it the easier to recognize the brand, but i’d still go for nr. 2 cause of the looks.

  • Fredric Lemhage

    i like all style but why don´t you do a black and white version like the surfboard and the Audi?

  • Sara Servan Early

    Love the first design in both colors! It’s so simple and clean! Really really cool guys! :)
    Can’t wait to get one!

  • Daniella Krantz

    Sista modellen eller den nästsista modellen, den första känns mer som en vanlig design på vilka hoodies som helst…
    sjukt snygga!

  • Zohal Amiri

    Number 3 is my favorite. It’s different. I love that you only see a bit of it from each side, makes you want to see the other side as well. What could be another option is having “N.01″ very small on the left side of the chest and another one on the back with the definition like in number 1/2.

  • Tim Berende

    I really like number 2! Fresh looking hoodie for a ” normal one” ;-)

  • Eva van der Dijs

    What if you take the one with the mega print on the back (nr 1 and nr 2) but then not with the sentence on the front but maybe just N.o1 or Normal or something a little smaller than the sentence

  • Alba Sánchez

    I loove version 1 and 2, love the number on the top!

  • Håvard H. Flesjå

    I liked one and two
    But i would like if you switched between what is on the front and what is on the back on them

  • Håvard H. Flesjå

    I really Linked 1 and 2
    Maby do a mix like your car

  • Ard Van Wijngaarden

    Definitely the second .o1, however, hoodie’s better of with N.o1 on the front. When people see you from behind, they don’t see the N.o1 face wearing that hoodie! Also, sell that surfboard to me after your trip, you don’t have a DB for it :)

  • maniacgolfthree

    i really really like the last one, small simple to the point and it makes u curious about the brand. down to earth like the designer ;-) greetz kai

  • SonaMahlin

    Half black/half white hoodie = Abnormal One?

  • Arturs N

    No1 (Black) and No2 (White)!

  • Marlene Schneiderbauer

    I really like the first 4 designs :)

  • Philip Hedin

    First Design for both white and black. The ones with big text!

  • Because I’m not a fan of white hoodies I would go for No.1 (just kidding) and #3. If I had to choose a white it would be #6.

  • Soren Houin

    First design is the best!!

  • Mili Troncone

    Definitely the first one!!! If not the 3rd one

  • Andrea Zammito

    Jon, nr 1 and 2 are perfetto !!

  • Brando

    The firs two designs are the best ones but also the 5th is nice

  • Cody Chilton

    I say 3 and 4! love the side with the hood logo and maybe add something to the other side on the sleeve?

    Can’t wait to get myself one of these

  • Marie-Louise

    Alla är snygga men fastnade mest för dom som hade loggan på sidan. Kommer tröjorna att finnas i damstorlekar också?! :D

  • Hammy Squire

    Option 3, white on black is my favourite for sure. Super cool and understated!

  • Thim Schouten

    1 & 2 plzzzz

  • Matteo Verhoeven

    Hi Jon! Why don’t you design one with the split camo? Those will certainly look insane!
    Furthermore, I think the design on the first image looks the best!

  • zolee

    I love the last two with the settle logo placements! :) would love to buy both colors!

  • Angus Mckendrick

    I am so freakin’ torn between the black hoodie with the big N.o1 on the back and the black with the side logo. I’d probably buy both! p.s the N.o1 on the top of the hood is a MUST, no matter what design wins, it better have the logo on the top

  • Paweł Szczęsny

    3rd definitely (pics 5&6)

  • Magnus Broe

    I love the designs on all the hoodies, but the black hoodie in the first picture is the one with the best design.

  • Malte Numelin

    I like the number one black and number one in white

  • Mikkel Frederiksen

    Number 4 and number 2 :)

  • Luke Simpson

    Love number 1 and 2. Will these be available for postage to Australia ?

  • Simon Blåholm

    I loveeeeee the white letters on the black hoodie!

  • Maxi King

    In my opinion the first and the second ones are absolutely massiv!!! But the others are also SICK!!

  • Frederik Bøgedal

    I do really like number 1 and 3

  • Angus Hook

    NUMBER 1 and 2!!! If you had Number 2 in a smaller size, I would buy it in a heartbeat!!! Love your work Jon and Benny!

  • Love (hoodies from) N.01!

  • Daniel Svantesson

    Nr 1 är riktigt tung!! Can’t wait to get one! Mvh

  • Colton

    Hoodie #3 is super sick cleanest one in my opinion (pics 5&6) and really you could do more than one hoodie design to sell

  • Marcus Vindal

    The 1. and 2. is so clean and the brand name and what it stands for is also soooo damn clean. It’s going to be merch everybody is rocking in at least a year.

  • The G.O.A.T

    Number one and three are really cool.

  • Noah Drew

    I think they are all really nice and would love to have all but I like 3-6 the most

  • Michael Nash

    Number 3 is super sleek and clean! Well done Jon, once again you’ve killed it!

  • Erlend Berle

    The first hoodie is perfect! I would by it as soon as it is available :D

  • Jacopo Cadeddu

    You said, “because the Normal One is the opposite of what I am”, that must reflect your products, so I think IMHO the only option to be condidered is the one with the logo on the side because is not that usual.

  • Hey Jon, these are all great! Got a lot of love for styles 2 and 5. Such a great concept for a brand! Love what you’re doing!!

  • Petra Nagy

    My favourite is absolutely the first in black. All of them are awesome, but the first one is so cool. I will definitely order a hoodie. :)

  • raoul

    number 1 and 2 are the best and I also like number 3 and 4.
    when can we buy them?

  • Maxime

    1st and 3rd in White are beauties!!! For sure Benni is going to find a date with this hoodie.

  • Jarno de Groot

    Suggestion: Take the first design. Keep the back.
    On the chest/front: Move the text to the sleeves!! Now put the logo (N.01 with underline) on the chest, but not as big as it is on the back.
    Will be sick!

  • Robbe Camphens

    Version 1 and 6 are in my opinion the best ones.
    With the first one you have like the big logo which is very nice ofcourse. But with the last one it’s a bit more subtile and not right in the face like the other ones. But in general you guys did a very nice job!

  • Merijn Derksen

    I realy like the first 2, and if the first 2 will sold i get the t-shirt and the hoodie. Excuse me for my bad English because i’m from the Netherlands

  • Jonathan Strasser

    Really in love with the one with the small text on the side. Really like the other sideways print too, but I like the smaller one more

  • Matt Kempe

    When I build brands it’s always hard to decide whether to go large and loud or small and classy. A lot of elements play a role, but one of the main things is understanding the demographic that you would like to appeal to and what type of brand you believe ‘Jon Olsson’ enjoys to create. In my opinion and of what I have witnessed, the larger the logo often reflects cheaper brands and/or the clothing isn’t the core product, but the point of the clothing is pure marketing. The smaller the logo allows the clothing to stand out, meaning the clothing is the core product which grabs people’s attention.

    Having said all of this I would say your core product is ‘you’ (Jon Olsson). You are a source of entertainment and people need to question and search for the N. 01 brand if they see the logo to ultimately yield the best result from your merch (best result – creating profits from direct sales AND driving more traffic to your channels).

    So…to grab peoples attention I would mass produce a large logo. Personally out of the large logos I like the one off to the side because I can wear it to more occasions without looking like a walking billboard, I would wear the one off to the side as my daily (to the office etc). But I would also buy the centered logo (first photo), but tend to wear this around the house, to the surf and snow as my comfortable hoodie.

    Anyway, thought I would share my insight to help with your decision. Good luck with the merch! I look forward to proudly wearing your brand.

  • Herman Holmkvist

    The first design are awsome!

  • Joachim Cieters

    The first two and the last two are the best, maybe make one with a black camo color? :D

  • Wissam Ezzeddine

    FAVORITES : number 1, 2 , 4 and 5.

  • Kristiyan Bratovanov

    The second style is so clean and nice!

  • james aslan

    #1 or #3 are really nice (Black and White)
    Don’t produce #2 (Black and White)

  • anduanmix

    Definitely No. 1 black. I wonder what the price of these sweatshirts will be. Regards

  • Jacob

    I love number 3 and 4, the other ones i don’t like as much.

  • Mat Iz

    Personally – Very first black ones at the top

  • Ksenia

    The first one in black! No.1, #1, Numero Uno, Number 1

  • Tiina Kärkäs

    The second style is sick! But needs the logo to the hood also, like in the other ones :)

  • Finn Wiethölter

    The first one is absolutely amazing!! Would definitely buy it…

  • Jan Segovia Casanovas

    The first one in black and specially white is my favorite!!

  • Ionut Ivanuss

    first one is nice. With the big logo N.O1 on your back.

  • Giussepe Erazo

    1 and 2 <3

  • cmirabet

    I like number 2!! also 3 and 4.

  • lewis

    Love the hoodies!! The top 2 are my Favorite, can’t wait to get one! :-)

  • Ryan

    I love the Top 2. Congrats on the brand, cant wait to see more!

  • Natalie Mahr

    Think the best one ist the second in black – perfect sized an I like it the most when something is on the side of a hoodie instead of big letters in front or back!
    Also the last ones are good once, but at least way to small for me ;)

  • António Gil

    Hey Jon. I really like the last version of the hoodie in both colours, because simplicity is awesomeness. Love the detail on the hood.

  • no 5 <3

  • Thomas Hastie

    1 is the best

  • Jirka Urbánek

    Maaaan, that’s sick! Especially hoodies in first and fifth picture! Great job.

  • Dennis Spigt

    The first hoodie looks awesome, after that the 3rd one is also very cool. Just put those 2 in mass production and you’ll find your first customers here ;) (ps you also have the small sizes for my girl? ;))

  • I’d go for 1 & 2. Clean and simple.

  • Saricha

    I really like the second one in black, with the big No1 on the side, love the positioning.
    I also love the big writing on the back on the first one too.

    Loving the new brand. ‘Normal One’ – Its Redefining convention

  • thebman712

    #3 and 4 are my favorite. The ones with the full definition on the side. I like that it’s a square, but off centered

  • Thomas Le Fourn

    The First One with the Logo on the hoodie and its perfect.
    Can’t wait to get one.

  • Will Howsam

    1 and 2 look great

  • Justin Upchurch

    Like the bottom two! Logo on the side and the hood is a nice touch!

  • Energygreen

    Loving the 1st design In both black and white! t -shirts would be good too when are they on sale?

  • Lewis Coughlan

    Check out ‘Binded__’ on instagram

  • Samira Paintner

    Really like the third hoodie (picture 5&6)!! They are perfect!!

  • Nikola Bubáková

    Version 2 and 5 is sick

  • Vegard Hallingstad

    Option 1 is definitely the best looking.

  • Karl Lagerhäll


  • Paolo Massa

    I like the first version in white, but honestly I would put the front writing higher on your chest

  • Mathias Nützhorn Pedersen

    Really like number 1

  • Alex

    I like the second or the third hoodie design with the writing on the side.

  • Marijn Heetkamp

    I love the first one because of the logo on the top and because you have something in the front. The other two are a bit boring because the rest is black or white (good song btw ;p)

  • Zach W

    i really like the first design in black and white, super clean!

  • Marc Trenz

    I really like the one with the big logo on the side!
    It would be super nice if you could put the N.o1 logo on the hood too.

  • aa aaa

    1&2 and 5&6

  • Milos Poznanovic

    Picture 1,2 :)

  • Mat

    Please also print big sizes not like everybody having merchandise 3XL and 4XL

  • Dylan Vincent

    I really like the first two designs they are my favourite out of the lot

  • Tuan Anh Vu

    The first one please :D I will buy two ;)

  • Priidik

    Pic 1 please.

  • Thomas Bakker

    The first and second black hoodies look the best :)

  • Niek Stam

    I would definitely go for the first two options, these will catch on best!

  • Matteo

    The first one is absolutely the best!!!

  • Thomas

    I would say the first one with the small logo on the head and a big one on the back.
    Recently I am starting my own cycling clothing company in Hong Kong, knowing that you have started quite a number of company, would you mind sharing some of your thoughts and inspiration on starting a company?

  • Mirko Fabbian

    1 and 2 option

  • Hummy

    3, 4 (+put logo on the top please) and normal 1, 2 my favs …. those with small logo on side can blend in very easy sooo not a style for me

  • Jacob Nørby

    “No. 1″ for sure!

  • Mats Claessen

    vers. °2 w/ the big print on the side is SICKKKK

  • Amine Karimi

    i like the 1 and 5 hoodie

  • Euan Gilmour

    I think The large back from Number 1, the logo on the hood and then just No.1 on the left breast. Keeping it simple on the front makes people want to read the back

  • Leon Čulina

    i like number 3 and 4 the most

  • Andreas Pulli

    My favourite is pic 3, the black one with the text on the side. Thats my vote!

  • Szymon Durlik

    I think hoodies from first and second pic are best designed of all of them. You can clearly see brand and what it represents not like on design on third and fourth pic. Love to buy hoodie from first pic. CheeRS


    number one, hoody in black is a cop!

  • missko1962

    The first in black!

  • Marc Douc

    designs 2 and 3 look dope!

  • Yannik Haubrich

    1 or 2 :)

  • Andrea

    I’m really happy that you finally got the first samples of your brand! I’d love to wear the first style and i’m hoping that you’ll produce it.

    Congrats Jon

  • Marius Samuelsen Øie

    Logo on the side!!

  • paul

    i love the black ones better, so number 1 and 5 are my favorites :)

  • Sofie Lindholm

    Oooooh! Tycker att modellen på bild nr 1 fast även med logo på luvan & modellen på bild nr 5 är bäst! Vore soft med två modeller, som är tillgängliga i både ljus & svart :)

  • Sebastian Fogelström

    Top one!

  • Erik F. Sørensen

    I REALLY like number 1 and 2. The other ones are not my style.

    Maybe you should try a design with N.01 on the front (as a brand on the left side) and the back with the N.01 text (as in number 1 and 2)

    Then it would be perfect, and I will buy a hoodie.

    • schwarz gelb

      Same opinion hopefully he is Reading that

  • Stig Serneels

    Pic 5 & 6 but with N.01 on the hood

  • Ysabel de Rouen

    I like the one in the top row and the one on the 5th row. Great designs and great idea for your brand!

  • Rui Rodrigues

    1st model on both colours look amazing ;)

  • Joost Alkemade

    All looking insanely awesome! But my preference is hoodie 5/6 logo on the side! Small and simplistic.

  • ines

    the firts 4 pitcures

  • Dylan Feuerstein

    Pics 1 & 2 because the prints are visible without a problem and i love the print on the headpart

  • Felix

    The first black is soo sick!

  • Tai Robinson

    I like the big N.01 logos on the side. However, these hoodies also need the little N.01 on the back of the hoods as in the other styles…. Next, you need half black, half white hoodies with the red stripe down the middle just like the surf boards & RS6+

  • Alexander Vanhove

    I like the first and second the most

  • Mats Forss

    Pics 3 and 4, but put the logo to the hood.

  • Guillermo P

    The first design is the best by far! The first two pictures (black & white) are the slickest designs. When it comes to proportion, distribution and originality, the first design is the best for sure

  • Jan Dierkes

    Love the last Version with the small Logo,cant wait to wear either One though!

  • Ferdi K

    It was a hard thing to choose the best one because all of them look
    quite amazing. But in the end I think that the first one is the nicest
    of all of them (It was just a hard battle between this one and the one
    with the pronounciaten thing on it) But is it possible for you guys to produce the one in white and black? Would be Dope!
    Bye :D
    – Ferdi

  • jentezw

    I love the first 4 photo’s!! I can’t wait to order them both and to wear them!!

  • Jonatan Hjeltman

    Looks awesome!! I would say the first one looks super cool but the last design is more special and also super nice :). Whichever becomes I’ll buy one :)

  • Brigitte Rhodes

    I pick one and two, My head is spinning, i would buy all of them.

  • Philip Ch

    The last white one! Love it

  • Emma

    Nummer 4 och 6 är mina favoriter!

  • Karin

    The last two designs in black!

  • Sylvano

    dear jon olsson. the white and black with big logo on your back would be a nice sweater to wear. I really like polos with the collar. miss that you can also release it over time. and although it is for sale, I like to buy it and I live in south Holland in the summer I would like to wear the logo of your car and its significance with pride. you are special. I love to way you working on things. thank you.

  • Isac Bruma

    The first one is really nice! I can’t wait to buy one! (will be available in Romania too?)

  • Michael Allramseder

    the white with small LOGO is FIRE !!! (pic 11/12)

  • Paul Oortwijn

    as a Normal One ;-) I will pick the white one with the logo on the back (pics 3 & 4). Can’t hardly wait to order!

  • Kilian Deuse

    Definitely the first design!

  • Margarita Lagun

    The second style in black is super mega cool! Definitely special and not mainstream

  • Tim Roosenboom

    the first one , black with white and big n.01 on the back is awesome. i like the other ones to but i think this is te one i would be the most happy with for a longer period instead of a few days. but they are all very cool, unique in many ways but simplicity is key.

  • Tom Watson

    large N.01 to the side in white is dope!! I will 100% be getting one, looking forward to seeing what you have to offer in the future as well t-shirts, hats etc. Also would be awesome to see some unique items like N.01/Douchebag collab maybe, please!!

  • Mike Blauw

    The first and the fifth one are looking awesome!

  • Andrei Comaniciu

    The first hoodie looks really nice BUT I think it should have also your name or your signature printed somewhere on it, something small.

  • Anja _M

    First one!

  • Tejas

    Make a hoodie with the same color scheme as your surfboard! Its gonna look sick !! Also the first two are nice!

  • Jeremy Hobbs

    Both colors of picture 5 and 6.

  • Annemari Savolainen

    The 1st one in black!

  • Jarno de Groot

    Definitely number 1 black!!!

  • Cthulhu

    The first one in black!

  • Seb Noel

    I really like to get logo on the hood ! black or white is great
    Maybe with the logo on the side ;)

  • Caroline

    hard time choosing, but my preference goes to pic 5 & 6, then 1&2 and lastly 3&4. I really like the logo on the side!! but maybe you can add the ‘N. 01′ also on the cap like the other two designs. love the light colored version the best :) xxx

  • Tommy

    The logo to the Side :)

  • tijs martens

    love the ones with the small text on the side!!!

  • Erik Hertz

    I like the third design, but I miss the “N.01″ on the top!

  • Håvard Sjursen

    The white one with the centered logo and defintion on the front and back is by far the best one!

  • Tim Marvin

    I like the third design the most. not so much text.

  • Daniel K

    I loved the hoodie with the centered text in both black and white.

  • Lasse Rye Larsen

    The first design is definitely my favorite! As a tall person, i love that you’ve found a long hoodie!

  • Marcus Tidbeck

    I like the black and white one with the logo on the side

  • Elin Vilhelmsson

    The first one in black has the best back, but the logo straight across the chest looks to simple, you should put it in two rows on one side, either high on the chest or lower, then it would look incredible.
    The others are a bit more discrete with it all on the side.

  • thomas

    love the designs! The first black hoodie looks the best!

  • Robin

    love the one with the logo to the side!!

  • Onur Durgun

    The first hoodie in black looks awesome!
    Looking forward to see the first Tshirts as well.
    Hopefully you will drop the merch soon :D

  • Angelika K.

    I love everything in black, but the second sweatshirt in white is pretty good too.
    So I would choose 1,3, 4 and of course – number 5!

  • Malo

    WOOOOOWWWW they are so sick! I’d love to get my hands on the black one with the centered logo and definition on the front and back! Can’t wait to buy one!