Jon Olsson

Surfing thinking about skiing!


Sorry that I have been a little slow to get the blogs up the last couple of days, have been really tired both physically and mentally! Spent the day on the beach to get away from the computer to get my head back in the game and I think it was the perfect medicine!

As much as I love being on the beach the last couple of weeks kind of change my head a bit, all I can think about now is skiing! I kind of thought those days where over, but I am so happy that I feel that way again! When you have done something for 15 years its easy to loose the joy for it, but that all came back to me on this trip so I am now super super stoked for the upcoming winter! All I have to do now is figure out where to ski in order to find the best jumps as I feel that my body cant really handle anything but great jumps.

But first I have a few more days here in Sydney before I meet up with Janni on the North Shore of Hawaii, cant wait to see her again, almost been a month since I last got to spend time with her so I cant wait for Saturday! ;-)


  • Padre

    “all I can think about now is skiing” Now that´s more like it. So glad that you´re back in “sking mode” again!
    About the UGG Boots – I couldnt care less!

  • Michael Bailey

    I hope they are genuine UGG boots! You should check out the beaches on the other side of the harbor, I live just up from Bronte and Tamarrama they are both amazing!

  • marian

    oh yess please take off those boots :D holy crap!

  • vvv

    are those man hugs ?

  • Will

    Awesome to see you stoked on skiing again! Really enjoyed the all the ski pics and posts from Thredbo and Perisher, looking forward to seeing more once the European season gets underway!

  • Thomas

    I know that this is one of my stupidest comments ever but… please, take off those boots!

    • JON

      haha, you know how nice and warm they are when you get out of the water? ;-)


  • skiforsam

    is that curl curl beach?

    • JON

      Dee why beach!