Jon Olsson

Online finally!


Well thats sure took us a while! Its funny once you get used to Internet at modern places you are so used to good connections that you take it for granted. Here in Marbella they have just discovered fiber but its only in the very center of Marbella. Where I live the normal lines are full (net enough lins for all the houses) so I can't get a normal ADSL line. So first we went for satellite internet but that was crazy expensive and seemed to not be worth it. We then looked at a similar solution but cheaper but they never called me back. So the only option we were left with was a 4G connection.

So we are back online but I am guessing that the Apple TV we bought will not be used much as I doubt the speed will be good enough! But who cares, at least now I can read the news, answer to e mails and get this old blog up to speed!

The good thing about our internet dip is that I had plenty of time to work on house plans. Ended up tearing the whole drive way down to make it wider, move the gate and put a new concrete surface on the whole thing. Building cars is fun, but I think rebuilding houses is my new favorite hobby as you are not throwing your money away with all the updates that you do! Cant wait for the driveway to be finished, I have a really hard time to enjoy this house once I have my eyes set on a new update! 

Think we might head over to Nikki for lunch today, but first some rehab and upper body! ;-)


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  • Jms

    I hate to tell you: “told you so”, but: “told you so”! :-)

    Just to recap on one on my comments from a couple of years back… Real estate preserve or gain value, at the right location, while cars always, always, always loose value and cost a lot of money.

    So congratulations to your insight!! :-)

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  • Lasse

    Hi, a good 4G network should support TV whenit comes to capacity. Check with your network provider what they can deliver… good luck..

  • Jon

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