Jon Olsson

Only one pair of skis!


So a while back I told you that I was shooting a Head comercial with the rest of the Head team. The movie is finally finsihed and came out pretty funny, I personally think my acting skills killed it! ;-)

Happy friday to all of you, I am off to bed at 8pm so I can be ready on the hill at 7.30 am! ;-)


  • Lindsey Vonn is SMOKING!!!

  • You guys should definitely stick to skiing. No big acting careers to be found here :-) But looking at some big shot actors you don’t need those skills to make it in Hollywood. So pursue the dream and be the next Johnny Weismuller.

    peace out,

  • Kim

    solid acting!

  • haha love it!

  • Josh

    Nice cameo

  • Hihihii. Great video.