Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Blog help!


    Ok guys! I feel that I am going to need some blog help this summer! Since I will be here for a while and my days are fairly similar I need some help from you guys on what you think I should focus on in this blog. So hit me up with ideas and things you would like to know more about and I will try to do my best to fill you in on as many things as possible in my life!

    Spent the day working on the Gumball edit with Seppi, then along phone meeting with Thomas at 56Nord followed by a late afternoon Crossfit session. Really working hard on stretching and rehab to make sure I can stay healthy all summer and keep on training the way I do now as everything feels great at the moment! Well I am not sure if I like the fact that all I can think about is sweets and chocolate all the time, but I guess my body is just screaming for more calories! haha

    Me and Thomas who runs 56Nord, love all the ideas he has!


  2. Casa Camo Update!


    I know I have shown a ton of pictures of Casa Camo house with construction going on everywhere so I thought it was time to show a bit of the progress! ;-) 5 days ago we finally put down the grass so as you can see, its not quite there yet, but in 2 weeks it should be nice and green! Feels amazing after looking at a dirt garden for the last 6 months!

    In the beginning of last summer I ended up having a few small ideas that led to a full on construction site here all summer, so having this part of the project finished feels great so we can just enjoy the house this summer without having a million things going on!

    As you know I am never satisfied so I have a ton of ideas that I have yet to make happen, but I am doing my best to enjoy the house even if its not perfected yet! I do FREAKING hate the ugly ass tree by the side of the house, but we have yet to get the permission to take it down so it keeps sending shit on the terrace everyday, so pretty soon here I might loose it and just cut it anyway!

    Totally dead after more Crossfit this afternoon but it does feels great to keep pushing my body everyday! Loving the healthy life trip I am on right now!


  3. Family!

    Published at Marbella

    As both me and my brother have traveled the world for the past 10 years its not that often that we get to hang out as a family for a week, but today my brother Hans (and his GF Maria), my mother Monika and dad Anders arrived to Casa Camo! So I am really looking forward to a week with them with lots of great “Mom” food! ;-)

    Have been cleaning up the house all day mixed with e mail sessions here and there so things are still under control! haha

    Should probably shut this down and hang out with my family so I will see you guys tomorrow!


  4. Roller coaster life!


    One week I am on a Mcdonalds diet, driving across the world not sleeping and have absolutely no time to work out! The next is the opposite with lots of sleep, tons of work, perfect diet and 2 hours of work outs every day! I guess its my way of trying (but sucking) to find a happy medium! haha

    Either way I feel fantastic when I am on the program that I am on right now!  Have been working out every day with Henrik (3rd in Spain on Crossfit open) So its safe to say that our work outs a prettttty tough! This combined with lots of sleep, a good amount of work and a healthy diet (and a lot of Onepower from FG) just gives me a ton of energy!  Have not even had a zip of alcohol since the Gumball finish as I feel that I need all the time and power that I can find in order to have my life under control, so no time to be hungover right now! haha

    On the way back from the gym we even got a nice extra work out as the car batteries died and we had to push the car up a monster hill to get back home! Sucked really really bad but at least we got a great bonus ass work out! ;-)


  5. My work?


    I know I say that I am super busy with a million things all the time and sometimes even I wonder what it is that I do that takes up all my time and filles up my inbox. So I thought I would just share the topics of the 15 first e mail in my inbox to give you an idea about what makes me complain about time not being enough! ;-)

    –Douchebag email. Design colab with partner- My part is to set the design in PS and send back and forth to the team for feedback.

    –Sponsorship advice for car event- In this case not much i can do but to give recommendations and thoughts.

    –Audi e mail. Race week end this summer with TT Cup cars- Would love to do this, just have to make sure I get the dates to work! (Licence, test and race so might be a lot of traveling and I need a little time away from airplanes and hotels)

    –New company e mail. Final stages of investment- Need to set time for Skype meeting to get a full update on the latest development in the company.

    –Wetranser.- File from Seppi- Need to give feedback on the Gumball edit. Sit down on Skype with Seppi and fine tune it.

    –Mail from manager- Need to give feedback on contract offers, lot of new things in the pipeline!

    –Gumball camaro mail- Need to send over high res pics of the car for the Wrapzone and SS custom as thanks for the great job they did.

    –Gumball interview- Need to set time and date for interview

    –Car radio e mail. Need to return radios after Gumball- Need to first get all the stuff that was in the RS6 and then send it out!

    –Fintessguru email- Photoshoot date- Need to figure out when I can get to sthlm for a shoot!

    –Lights in the garden- Need to set the order for all the lights in the garden and place the order.

    –Fanmail- I always personally reply the the guys that put time into their mails!- Nice to get some kind words so then I think they deserve an e mail back! (This takes a lot of time (more in here then mentioned) But its thanks to you guys that I can do what I do so its worth the time!

    –Return a signed copy of the insurance document for the RS6 (Well now I need to cancel the insurance) haha

    –Fitnessguru e mail- Plan for future fun colab- Needs planning, budget and feedback rounds!

    –Douchebags- Feedback on a couple new products.

    I know this was kind of a weird post, but I wanted to share the mixx of things that takes up my time. In average I do get 15-30 e mails a day that I need to answer to and with all the traveling I do its sometimes a little hard to find the time for everything! ;-)

    Barbecue night at Casa Deler so see you guys tomorrow!


  6. Saturday


    Good morning! I am just so happy that I am back to my old self again! Feels amazing to have energy to work and just have a functioning brain again!

    Went for an early golf round yesterday and I have to say that I think I am finally feeling like I am improving in the weird ass sport! Either way its so nice to start the day with 9 quick holes so that is something that I will try to do at least 5 times a week this summer, and if I still suck after that I might just give up! haha

    The Gumball movie that was going to come out tomorrow will be a little delayed as we have been waiting for a bunch of shots and as we have not received them yet I want to make sure that we get them in there before we publish it in order to make the best possible video. I know you guys like sound, so thats the kind of shots that I have been trying to find! ;-)  If anyone has any good shots from the road during Gumball (especially the Netherlands) I would love to have it in there so feel free to send me an e mail with it! Have been on the computer all morning but now its pool time with Janni and her friends so I think I will survive this Saturday as well!


  7. My new ride!


    As a true car nut I can not be without a car for more than 3 days! haha  So say hi to the newest family member-The Garia Monaco 2+2  Possibly the most awesome car I have ever had! haha

    Rolled out of the show room this afternoon and I have to say that I was more pumped on this car than most of the other cars I have ever had! haha  Its just so awesome to cruise around on the streets in a fully street legal golf car!  You sure get some weird looks from people in this thing!

    So now the only question remains, how do you tune an electric golf car? A full RS6 Gumball livery? ;-) Lets sleep on it and get to work on monday, nothing can ever be standard! haha

    /A pumped Mr JON

  8. A true flashback!


    Just came across these old images from the day that changed my life! They were taken right after the price giving ceremony of my first Big Air event “The Jump”. I had just won a 5000€ Breitling watch with a switch 720, but I remember that I could not understand what anyone would do with an expensive watch so I was way more pumped on the big trophy that I got! I later traded the watch for a mountainbike so I guess my sense of business was far from great back then haha!

    I was invited to this big air event as I had gotten a photo published in a ski mag and when I first met the other guys I was so star struck as I had seen them all in movies. I remember thinking that these guys have to be the coolest in the world, they traveled the world, starred in ski movies, were kick ass skiers and had super hot girl friends! haha

    So crazy to think that one day can change a whole life so much, but i guess building my own twin tips and hiking all night long to learn new tricks really paid off! A lot has happened since then (1999) and I cant wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for me!  I know that the 17 year old guy on this pictures never thought that I would have been able to experience what I have now, so I guess that as long as you never see things as impossible anything can happen if you just go for your dreams! ;-)


  9. Split focus


    Today I think you can say that I have had a very weird case of split focus! Half the day I have been focused on the new car, what to build and how to build it. The rest of the day I have been designing my garden and been focused on what flowers goes together with what plants! haha Not the combination you would expect from a “cool” guy! ;-) But I do love both my flowers and my cars so not complaining!

    Two nights ago I got the chance to borrow this DMC tuned Mclaren from a friend of mine and I have to say that its for sure of one of the most entertaining cars I have ever driven! It might not be the fastest but its just so light and nimble that it just wants me to keep on driving all night, something that is hard for me to find these days! Great to try around a bit now to really make sure I make the right call on my next car, still weighing back and forth between a few options!

    Just had a killer dinner at Jannis dads place and in a bit we will take a nice mellow evening stroll down to Puerto Banos for an ice cream! So nice to just chill and enjoy the mellow life after Gumball!


  10. Sales reactions


    Wow, never did I think I would get this much reactions from selling a car! But since I did I figured that I should go a bit more in death of my decision and explain my thoughts!

    Lets start with the fact that the Carbon R8 costed me a total of close to 350 000€ to build, it was later sold at 80 000€. Since I get older (and a little smarter) I tried to learn from this and make sure that history did not repeat itself!

    Sure I would have loved to make more movies etc, but due to a number of circumstances the RS6 was finished in April instead of December which was the original plan. So in order to make sure that I can finish the new car before the upcoming winter I though it was smarter to sell now and not end up in the same situation as last year. Now I have plenty of time to prepare it all and give myself a stress free build and still finish on time.

    There was also comments on that car car projects seems to just be a PR machine. I build things because I love the build process almost as much as I enjoy driving them, but if there is no strategy behind it all and I would build and own cars that did not get the exposure they do, I would never be able to afford these kind of builds. So yes, I do need to play it smart, but I dont see that as a bad thing. As an example the Uber drive where a few of you got to ride in the RS6 would never had happened without my partners. Same with the Snow video and the Gumball production. These are the things that I want to do a lot more of next year!

    I hope this gives you guys a bit more understanding of it all. I wanted to make more videos just like you guys, but since we had the timing we did it was difficult and I want to learn from that and crush it next year!

    • To really show that I do care a bunch what you guys think and I appreciate all the comments and feedback I hereby invite the first 16 guys who commented on the last blog post “New winter- New car plans”  to come ride with me on the first test day of the new car! So shoot me an e mail and we will set ut up! 

    As for the comments about Jannis blog being more active on Gumball, you are absolutely right, but what I did do instead was a road movie production together with Betsafe that is coming out this Sunday, so hopefully you guys will like that one!  I always try to do my best to create the best blog that I can but during some periods of the year its hard to find the time to be creative. The good part is that its now summer and I have all the time in the world, so I am looking forward to blogging for the next few months! ;-)