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  1. Tulum caught on camera! Lumix G9



    I realize when I edit all these pictures that I really need to Blog more! I love taking pictures but since the Vlog is taking so much of my time I forget to spend a few extra minutes and post more photos! But thanks to our Vlog break in Tulum and the fact that I just got the new Lumix G9 camera I did find the extra minutes and the stoke factor to make a blog! haha

    As you know we are huge fans of the Lumix Gh5 and we bought two of them as soon as they came out, a while after that Lumix contacted us to see if we were interested in a collaboration with them, and of course we did as we were already promoting there stuff while paying full price for them!
    Just before this trip I got the new G9 which is a very similar camera to the Gh5 but a bit more focus on the photo aspect. Perfect for me as I have been trying to find a still nice small camera to shoot more pictures and since we have all the lenses for the Lumix series I was really hoping that I would like this one.
    After having shot over 1000 pics in Tulum (I know we said social media break ut if you dont post them during that break I dont think it counts haha) I have to say that I love the camera and trust me when I say that I have tried everything out there and this is the best photo/video combination on the market. NO doubt about it. It has the incredible stabilisation of the Gh5, the 180fps slowmo, the 4K 60fps but the Meny and a few controls are just more optimized for photo. Perfect for us as this can act as one of our Vlog cameras but also give as an even better photo option!

    So I can truly recommend this one from the bottom of my heart, I just wish I had it with me here in Chile but its not that often that Janni wants to steal my cameras (She never wanted to play with my other 8K 30 000€ set ups haha) so I had to be a gentleman and let her play with its some more, love being able to talk about 4K, 180fps, focus peaking, exposure compensation, etc ect with my GF, thats a keeper for a camera nerd like myself! ;-)

    Its nice to see that we truly love, even if we have a break we still love to go out and just shoot. I think the key to what we do is to do it because you love it and not because you want attention on social media, I think thats one of the key reason why both me and Janni have managed to do so well on with IG, Blogs and Vlogs. Dont forget to check out Jannis Vlog as well if you want more photos from our trips!

    Time for me to head out and explore Santiago some more, hope you like the pics below, we sure had fun taking them on what i would have to say was our best trip together ever!

    Check out the Vlog:

    Talk to you guys soon!


    Shots taken with the G9, the 42.5, 7-14 and the 100-400 lenses as well as a couple from the air with the Mavic Pro. All edited in Lightroom and a couple got some extra love in Photoshop