Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Nice in Nice!


    What a great morning! NOT! haha Woke up to a dripping sound from the bathroom. Turns out that the water pipe in the apartment above ours had broken so we had water dripping from all over the roof in the bathroom! Luckily we found it pretty fast so there was not to much damage, but there will have to be some work do be done in ordet o fix this, but I choose to look at things from the bright side and maybe take this opportunity to update the bathroom a little…;-)

    Have finally figured out all my meetings around the world and managed to move things around. So on Thursday morning i am off to Oslo for 48 hours with the DB team, then a couple hours in Sthlm before I join Janni to San Fransisco for a couple days and then off to Mammoth for a couple weeks of skiing. Stoked to finally have a good plan!

    Below are a couple pics from the other night when me, janni and Jordan went to Nice to look for furniture. Did not end up finding much but we did have a great a great night walking around the Promenade des Anglais and a dinner at a super cosy italian restarant. So nice to see a bit more of the riviera and find the goodies around here! I love traveling but the older I get the more I appreciate being at home, so hopefully now when Janni might move down we can spend more time here!

  2. Ride with the Swedes


    Good morning! Very nice one here in Monaco, nice enough for Janni to start the day with a swim in the ocean!  I thought it was better to shoot some shots of her as I had my fair share of water yesterday!

    Woke up rested for the first time in a long very long. Feels like my life needs to slow down a bit as I cant keep up with things right now, so today will be all about organizing my schedule and try to figure out how to optimize things!  But first an episode of “Ride with the Swedes” Perfect way to zone out a bit on a Sunday! ;-)


  3. Riviera Surfing


    Heading down to Monaco I did not expect that I would be in the water suring only 36 hours after we left the snow! But last night Jordan checked the swell forecast and it called for some waves in Italy this morning and who am I to say no to a little Riviera surf session? ;-)  I did regret it for a second when I woke up as we had a bunch of mosquitos in the apartment last night so both me and Janni slept terrible!

    Once I jumped in the water it was however totally worth the early wake up call!  So much fun to be back in the water again! Got at least 15 fun waves and to be honest it was nice to surf at a place where there is not a bunch of pro surfers taking all the waves! haha It was just as good as a normal day in LA out there today! The waves we surfed was quite a bit bigger than the once I got on camera as the swell had dropped a lot when I got out and brought out the camera, but as you can see it was pretty nice out there!

    Think I need to have a little nap though now, super tired after almost 3 hours in the water! So sick though that you can find waves like this only 20 mins from Monaco!

  4. Shredding and driving!


    Now that turned out to be a pretty long day!(again) haha Started early with a few e mails before skiing, went up and hit the jumps a bunch, still a bit windy but was good enough to take about 10 runs before the wind increased and I decided that it was time to jump in the car and drive to Monaco! Cant belive that we managed to fit all our gear in the car, but if there is a will there is a way!

    Had a slight speed limitation with the straps vibrating but after some Mcgyver skills and some duct tape it was smoth sailing! haha Did keep the speeds down a bit to be on the safe side, so i drove from Innsbruck to Monaco trying not to use the breaks at all and just work with the engine break in order to make the drive more interesting. pretty fun to do it this way as you have to be very aware of everything and very foucsed. Think I managed to only use the break about 10 times on the 670km drive, not bad consider I was not going super slow… ;-) Having a V12 engine to slow you down did help a lot, and the down shif sound does wake you up if you are a bit tired!

    Got up early and got to work this morning, have had terrible internet over the past few weeks so I am behind on work which I hate, so need to focus up and get stuff done this week end!

    Had a plan for the coming weeks, but new meetings have come up so i need to figure my stuff out, not easy when you have stuff to do on different sides of the world and only 24 hours a day to work with! Will keep you guys posted on the plans as soon as I figure it out!


  5. Sun and Wind!


    If its one thing thats a bit frustrating with freestyle its that you can have perfect blue bird weather and its still impossible to get anything done. As you can see on the pics it was beautiful up there today but unfortunately windy as hell. So not a single jump for me, sure I could have hit the jumps a few times like a few of the young crazy kids, but I like my body and I would rather save it for a good day and play it smart! ;-)

    I did get some work done with a few interviews for the Odlo team, so I made the most of the time up there, I guess every day that you get to work with a view like this is a good one!

    Then we took the Lambo over to St Anton and picked up some skis for Janni, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that tomorrow is good as it seems to be the last nice day. Would be epic with a nice finish to the trip down here before we drive south to Monaco tomorrow night!