Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Areal Yoga


    Since my back has not been perfect this summer even though I have really tried to treat it well I decided that I should try some areal yoga at Eywa Marbella and see if that could make it better. Turns out this special yoga was amazing for my back. Have not felt as good as after this session the whole summer so I am pretty sure this is something that I will try to do as often as I can!

    Maybe not the most male dominated form of training, but whats wrong with a room full of girls hanging upside down! haha Something I can really recommend for sure, I really loved it!

    Time to meet up with my architect before I head over for a second session at the CF gym!  Stoked to go with a back that feels great!


  2. Mr nice guy!


    Had quite a full day today! Worked a few hours in the morning, then a quick trip over to Supergarage (who sold the Rebellion) to sign a few papers and the we went on to start the Fitnessguru rooftop gym constructions! Besides the fact that it was pushing 40 degrees outside and I was burning up out there (started building without shoes so my feet are super sore right now! haha) everything went great! That was until we raised the last rig and I heard a voice from the neighbors house. He was not very impressed with the placement of the rigs and since I always try to be a nice guy, I invited him over and we worked out how we could best place everything to make everyone happy! The best way to solve things is always to be humble and nice, so now we have a great dialog about my slightly odd roof top plans! Turns out the new placement might even be better than the first one, so no harm done!

    Cant wait to bolt these things t the ground and get this thing together, I will be the king of Muscle ups once this is finished! haha


  3. Random memories!


    Today was one of those days where it was tough to find the motivation to blog! When you spend 7 hours looking through your whole house for the wallet you think you lost (I did find the wallet eventually at Jannis dads place!) and then kill yourself at the gym and come home with zero pictures on your camera its tough to know where to start!

    But then I spent a few minutes on google and I figured that I would give you some throwbacks to some of my favorite memories from the past few years! So much fun to look back and think of all the fun stuff I have been able to see and do! Text under each picture!

    Lets start with the day that had a big part in why I am where I am today! D spin 900 on a big ass step up back in the early 2000 in Mt Hood, not bad considering that it was almost 15 years ago!  This was the first shoot I did with Chris Oconnel who later introduced me to Greg Strokes who was the Oakley team manager at the time! Two weeks later I signed with them and I think thats a big part of why I am where I am today!

    Race shoot with Mattias Fredriksson in Panorama up in Canada the day before we drove up to Galena and spent a week heli skiing! Remember that it was cold as hell that day but we did get a ton of cool pictures and I almost hit Mattias a couple times as he wanted to be super close to the action! haha

    My second home for a few summers, the water ramps in Stockholm. No fancy pool with bubbles there, just a ramp straight into the ocean where you had to clib in over rocks to get back up! Did 452 jumps all alone in one summer! haha

    An early version of the Rebellion while it still had a Lexus TT engine pushing 962hp! Just a crazy machine! This was in Poland and the day after the track meet we had there I drove this thing to Monaco, well not all the way as the center bolts broke and we had to leave the car in  Italy and take a taxi the last 500km! ;-)

    One of my altime favorite shots from Mattias Fredriksson. This was in Limone which is 1 hour by car from Monaco, pretty crazy! Extra fact is that the pilot of the heli was the pilot in the Cliffhanger movie!

    Same location in Limone but a different style jump a couple years later shot by Paul Ripke, love this jump location and the fact that i could spend the down days at home!

    Shot in Åre during the Red Bull Home run right after I won the event in 2013, might be one of the most fun events out there. Will for sure do my best to try to make it out there this year! 750 people from the top of a mountain and a crazy afterski at the bottom, thats how a ski event should be run!

    This shot was taken during the first 30 meters of the Audi R8s life!  I guess it was a little low for the snow, but it sure looks a little funny on the picture! Really loved this car and now when I look back I wish I would have kept it, but I guess if I did, I would not have had the RS6, so with every sale comes new opportunities! ;-)

    Hope you guys liked the post, will try to dig up some more old stuff, super fun for me as well to look though the memories! Time to sleep, see you guys in the morning. Some fun stuff coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned for that!


  4. Special delivery!


    I think its safe to say that some deliveries are better than others! haha  And whats better than a big box filled with stuff that you cant buy? ;-) Got a big delivery from Red Bull so now I am all decked out for a few months! Might need a few extra white ones as I love them, but if I know myself correctly I dont think they will stay white for that long! Which one is your favorites?

    Since  its one of the most common questions I get I guess its smart to repeat that unless you are sponsored by Red Bull you cant buy these (unless you buy illegal copys) So its pretty cool when you see someone at an airport wearing the real stuff as you know that the person is probably extremely good at what they do!

    Cleaning mode in Casa Camo today, have had guests all summer so its nice to have some alone time and just organize things!


  5. Super active!


    I think its safe to say that I had a full day yesterday! Started the day with a lunch at Ocean club, first visit this summer and the food was just as good as always! Ran over to the Barber Club that just opened here in Marbella for a hair cut. Its a members club for men where you can have a all inclusive membership (unlimited haircuts, shaving, massage, facials, coffee, protein shakes etc etc) If I lived here full time a membership would be more than a sure thing! Super recommended! Then off to Crossfit where we did “Murph” (1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run) Took me 48 mins as I was about to die from the heat, was about 37 outside so it was like breathing in a sauna! But I am super happy that all the training is finally starting to pay off, feeling stronger for every day!  Next up was a drink mixing class at Marbella event academy! Now that i dont drink alcohol its great to learn how to make a few epic non alco drinks. I tried one with a little to much chili so I was sweating like a mad man for an hour! (like you can see on the last pic haha). Finished the day off with a great dinner at Henriks place!

    So full speed! Slept in a bit this morning but made it over to Crossfit Marbella for a morning session!  Love this super hectic life, feels like my summer is 3 times as long now that I am not hungover all the time! ;-)


  6. Racing!


    Ok, so I have to admit that the only thing I have been thinking about today is car racing! haha Had a doctors appointment to get the physical exam today in order to get my racing license but besides that I have been surfing around on race car sites trying to figure out if I should get myself a race car! Thats how much fun I had the last couple of days!

    I do love the Radicals as there is a lot of racing series for it and they are fairly cheap to run, but then I started looking at the Radical RXC that you could drive up to the track as well, which would not suck at all. Then I saw the Aquila CR1 that I kind of fell in love with, but the more I looked the more I came closer to Formuls cars as I remember how sick it was a few years ago when I had a Formula Renault 2.0 for a day!

    Think step one will be to head up to Ascari and rent a few different cars and try them out! So first mission tomorrow morning is to find out how soon I can get up there! I just love the feeling of getting faster on a track and every time I drive a race car on slicks get amazed by the grip they have, just an unreal feeling! What do you guys think I should look at? ;-)

    Time to sleep as I have two work outs planned for tomorrow, pilates for my back/core in the morning and CF in the afternoon, so should be a good day!


  7. A dream come true!

    Published at Eurospeedway

    There we go, sorry about the little break here on the blog, has been some pretty hectic days!

    Two days ago I got up at 4.30 in Marbella, drove over to Malaga, flew to Berlin via Paris, jumped in the car and drove down to Lausitz race track and had theory all afternoon/night. Got up early yesterday and spent the whole day on the track before I drove back to Berlin. So I just did not find the time and energy to sit down and blog!

    Anyway, my first day in a real race car with a real race team is now in the books and I have to say that it was just as amazing as I imagined but the Audi TT really blew my mind! (as a comparison they said that its around 15 secs faster then a Audi R8 V10 street car so its faaaast)

    I will admit that when I first got there I got a bit intimidated. As I said the Audi TT cup has 18 cars/drivers that does the whole series and 6 guest spots at every race. So I figured that I am used to fast cars and should do well among the guest drivers. Turns out the other two guest drivers there yesterday was a former DTM driver that now races Audi R8 LMS and a Red Bull sponsored Rally cross driver. So there I was having had 15 laps on a track in the last 5 years and zero experience with real racing. haha

    In the end I ended up being 2.5 sec behind the DTM driver and 1.5 after the rally cross driver, but I am more than super happy with that as its going to take a lot more then 20 laps to get used to what a race car can do. Comparing a fast street car and race car is really like comparing mini golf to real golf! haha

    Had a few laps with the DTM driver and I can see that the time I loose is just being more raw and push things harder, but if I can be 2.5 sec slower then the ride I got I am super pumped as I was just blown away by how insane they drive a race car! Just like in skiing I like to work my way there and not over do it the first day, so now I just have to find more training days and find the comfort zone where I can push harder. Good thing we have Ascari close to Marbella! I need to book a day there asap!

    Spent the night in an airport hotel in Berlin and in an hour I am back on a plane to Malaga. Super super excited about this experience and even if a real race scares the shit out of me I cant wait to get a date booked so I can start to mentally prepare for it! You have to start somewhere!


  8. Marina Marbella


    Just got back home after the best day of this summer! Had an incredible day on a Wajer Wajer 38 that we took from Puerto Banus to Soto Grande. Checked out the cool port they have there before we drove back out to sea for a refreshing dip in the cold water! Then a fantastic lunch at Puro Beach and on the way back we even got some dolphin company. A true 10 point day!

    So all in all just a perfect day! If you are in Marbella and like the look of this, just contact Marina Marbella, they have a ton of options to rent, totally worth every single euro and a lot more bang for the buck compared to a couple bottles of champagne at a beach club! haha (getting older and smarter? ;-) )

    Right now I have to start packing up as I have to be at the airport at 5.50 am tomorrow morning. Have two days of Audi TT Cup training in Germany, so I need to make sure I get a good nights sleep, dont want to show up tired for this one! haha  Soooo pumped to get behind the wheel of a real racing car for the first time in years!


  9. Jumping!


    I guess most of you that follow me on Instagram is more curious on what I got today than what I did today! ;-) But that will have to wait a couple days as I have a few small upgrades on the Lambo that I want to do before I present it on here! haha I know I am kind of crazy but I want to make sure things are perfect before I fully release things! Loving the Murcielago though, gives me epic flash backs from the 2011 and 2012 Gumballs I did with it!

    My back is still  feeling shitty so did an hour of stretch and pilates which I hope will be good for me in the long run, I did feel good enough to jump a couple times into water, so it was great to get a little action in there. Just love the little ponds up there, super refreshing with the cold water when the temperatures here are sitting around 35 degrees!

    Have a boat booked for tomorrow with Marina Marbella so that should be amazing, cant wait to get out on the open water and enjoy the Marbella view from a different angle!


  10. We are getting there!


    Step one is now complete! Lifting all the gear to the roof urned out to be a pretty tough work out yesterday! Luckily I had help from Andre who is staying here with us together with Anjelica Blick, without him I would have been VERY broken today! haha. Have never really spent any time on the roof terrace as we have not had anything up there, but now that I spent some time up there I realize how kick ass its going to be up there! Just need to get some bigger tools today and then we are ready to mount up the stuff to get an actual look on how its going to look!

    The bad part is that I must have lifted all the odd obstacles a little incorrect yesterday. I have always had kind of a bad lower back, but this summer I have been pretty good at taking care of it and seeing therapists at least once a week. This combined with a good amount of stretching has made it work all summer long, even with heavy lifting almost every day. Today it feel pretty shitty so I guess I will have to change the CF session I had planned to an hour of stretch and rehab. Sucks as I am so pumped to work out hard, but sometimes you have to take a step back and be smart. One nr one goal with all this lifting and training is to have a body that is 100% once I head down to Australia to start the ski season, so I really need to step up my rehab program as I am not there yet. Super frustrating to be honest as I have been extremely careful with my back while working out all summer. So if its not working with the life I have had over the last month, I need to add more core/rehab to stabilize it more.

    On another note, do you guys prefer morning or night blogs? This summer its been mostly night blogs, but I feel that my brain is way more productive in the morning so if morning blogs are ok, then I think I can offer a little more well formulated thoughts… So what do you guys think, does it matter if all blogs are done the morning after with better text, or is it better to get them up asap? I leave it up to you guys! ;-)