Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Turk and Caicos


    Good morning!

    As usual me and Janni are the leaders of Team Jet Lag so we are the first ones up in the morning! We are staying in this incredible hyper mega villa here in Turks And Caicos together with a bunch of Girls who are all here with Revolve which is an online clothing store. Will shoot a house tour here today but hoping the weather will clear a little as its a bit grey out now!

    Having a lot of fun with my new Fuji camera trying out the JPG mode, I usually always shoot in RAW format but with this camera its super fun to shoot with the inbuilt film simulations in JPG mode, kind of fun to go for a different look sometimes! Below are a few ones we shot yesterrday, taking my Instagram husband job very seriously here which I have noothing against, I almsot have to ask Janni to shoot as I just love taking pictures! As you can see this place is a little better than average! haha

    Stay tuned for more Vlogs and house tours from here! For now enjoy a couple pics!



  2. Lets Bring the BLOG back again!


    Gooood Mooooring guys! (as we would say on the Vlog! haha)

    I know we said right when we started with 4 Vlogs a week that we would get this Blog up to speed and post more photos and thoughts but its taken me a while to regain full brain power and clean up my life after 12 months of chaos so that is why its taken a while to get on it!

    But now with the new Fuji medium format camera I thought it was a perfect time to start as it would be such a waste to only post these pics on Instagram! haha

    I know that a Medium format camera is 1000% Overkill and I don’t need it for what we do, but I just love cool cameras and if something gets you excited to shoot more its always a good thing, cause as with everything, the more you practice the better you get!

    There is however a second factor to why I like this camera that most people don’t think about and thats how the person infornt of the camera reacts to different to different cameras. My German Super Photographer friend Paul has always told me that he gets a totally different reaction when he shoots with the Leicas (he often shoots from the hip and does not even look into the camera so he can really connect with the person he is shooting) He once shot George Clooney and he was like “wow, that is such a sick camera, I love it” so they got a great connection and he opened up more than he might have with a normal camera. So even if the quality is similar, a cool camera can still change the image in other ways. I know that if a random person walked up to me and wanted to take some shots with a Sony camera I would react different than if a the person came up to me with a big Hasselblad Medium format camera, I would just think that they guy with the big camera must be really good and something special. /why else would he have a 50k camera?) Of course its not always like this but think it for sure makes a difference and its something that I don’t think you should under estimate.

    Shooting Janni was one of the reasons that I got this, but again not for the huge difference in quality but more to be a bit more unique when we shoot for a brand and they see that its a more pro set up than your traditional Blogger would have. Being unique and standing out from the crowd has always been something that I have see make a big difference and I would say that its one of the biggest factors that I am where I am today! Its all in the details! ;-)

    I just threw a couple quick presets on these shots but its crazy how sharp it is and how it treats highlights and shadows. Cant wait to practice and get better at using this to its full potential! I would probably love it even if it took horrible shots as the sound and feeling is just incredible! haha

    Time to keep Vlogging and enjoying a couple days at home here in Monaco!