Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. The fastest Uber taxi ever?


    Yep thats right!  For the ones of you living in Sthlm I have joined forces with Uber and Betsafe and will be driving my RS6 as an Uber taxi in Stockholm on Friday the 15th of May. So who wants a ride? ;-)  All info on how to book the car HERE!  Lets hang out and have some fun, a little bonus is that your ride will even be for free and the money that the trip would have costed will be donated to charity!


  2. Cars cars and cars!


    Now that was a bit of a surprise! Went to pick up the Rebellion in Malaga, but had no idea that I would pick it up at a place where there was a million other sick things to look at!

    So instead of a quick pick up me and Jeppe (willer of the Rebellion auction) checked out all the sick cars for an hour of two and even if I am not a Ferrari guy, I have to say that the La Ferrari is just incredible! ;-)

    Today we have golf on the schedule and then preparation of the Rebellion before we start driving tonight, not used to distances like this without a suport car, but so far the Rebellion has been great to me, so lets hope it stays that way! haha


  3. Monster leg day!

    Published at Marbella

    I am used to a lot of traveling, but for some reason its been even crazier than usual the last few months. I guess it has something to do with Janni now traveling just as much as I do and in order to see each other we have to travel a bit more than we had to in the past! Ibiza was one of those trips, other wise it would have been 3 weeks with no love! ;-) But since I feel like the rest of my life is sort of under control, I dont mind it at all and feel great at the moment!

    I landed in Malaga yesterday afternoon, had a great dinner with a few friends and today we had HEAVY leg day on the schedule! So I traded the airport baguettes and champagne for a double dose of Fitnessgurus Onewhey and Onepower and went hard! Without Onepower I usually have problems to stay motivated for more than 45min, so if you know what I am talking about, give it a try!

    Trained with Henrik for the first time since he sent me to the hospital in March so i was a little nervous as he seems to be able to push me super hard! Henrik got 3rd in Spain at Crossfit Open so he really is a true monster. I did survive the session but I can barely walk right now! haha  Feels great though!

    I am off to Malaga in 3 hours to pick up the Rebellion so I am pumped to get her ready for the super trip this week!


  4. Nelly pool party

    Published at Ibiza

    Good morning!  Tried to get this post up last night, but I guess all the bloggers here in Ibiza (a million of them on this Nelly pool party trip) destroyed the Wifi.  Anyway, flew over to Ibiza yesterday morning and arrived just in time for a crazy pool party! I was on the mellow side of things as I know my body can’t handle day and night parties on the same day, still a great time though! (as I am sure you can see on the pics!)

    After that it was roof top drinks and more party on the schedule and ibiza did not disappoint as usual, such a fun day with a great group of people!

    Right now its time to jump on a plane to Malaga, was fun to be here and see Janni  for 24 hours but now its time to get the Rebellion ready for our 4000km mission! So see you in Marbella tonight!  Full speed as usual! haha


  5. I know there these has not been a lot of daily updates on my blog for the past few days, but so much going on that I need to sort out so have not had a camera with me that much, but make sure to follow me on Snapchat if you want all the daily stuff! (jonolsson1).

    Thanks for the comments on the videos, all feedback is great feedback, and we will keep doing our best. Not to please sponsors (as some seem to think) but to make the best videos possible (that we are proud of) and to reach as many people as possible, not the easiest of combinations, but we are doing our best, I promise!

    So back to the main subject! Due to an event in Europe right after Gumball I cant take the RS6 to the US part of Gumball, so I am now in search of a car for the US part. So since I have this blog I figured that I would ask on here if anyone has anything weird/cool/awesome that I could use from Reno-San Fran-LA-Vegas? If its a 4 seater maybe we can all hang together in the car? ;-)  So if you have anything fun, hit me up and lets have some fun together! haha.  Can be anything from old muscle cars (Which I love) to Rolls Royces! ;-) Basically anything that stands out!


  6. 4 days


    Good morning!

    Wow that turned into a crazy day yesterday with over 300 bids coming in, so my inbox was like a disco! haha. I think with a few RS6 drives in Stockholm we will end up raising more than 6000€ with this project, which is incredible, so thanks to everyone that participated!

    I just realized that have not shared this video with you guys on here yet, so I though I should! Just a bunch of clips from 4 crazy days last week. Tried a bit of a differeent editing this time as I wanted to show more stuff without making it 10 minutes long. Think with some practice we could make this work pretty good and find a nice balance between showing a lot of stuff and still making it fairly short!  Or what do you guys think? What do you like and what dont you like? I like it as with regular editing this would have been 15 minutes at least! But I do think we need a few more longer clips and if we can a little bit of talking at a few spots!  Hit me! ;-)


  7. Since I just saw how awesome charity can be at the WFL yesterday I figured that lets find a way to do more things to support great things!

    So since I need to drive the Rebellion from Marbella to Monaco to Stockholm next week I figured that instead of calling a friend to join me, I will give the passenger seat on this 4000km super journey to the highest bidder, and all profits will go directly to charity.

    So how about it, anyone out there that wants to taste of what its like to do Gumball in one of the most extreme cars in the world? Bang out 2000km non stop, stop for dinner in Monaco and then bang out the rest up to Stockholm? Kind of like Gumball on steroids!

    • 11th of May  Arrival to Marbella (golf round at Los Naranjos if you like golf) Dinner and a night in Casa Camo
    • 12th of May Departure to Monaco
    • 13th arrive in Monaco and spend the night here.
    • 14th Leave early and drive straight to Stockholm.
    • 15th Departure day.

    So place your bids in the comments (or e mail to if you want more privacy) and lets see who gets to go on a trip of a lifetime! Just be aware that the Rebellion is not suited for normal people that likes AC and soft seats (as well as people over 185cm) Airfare to Marbella (Malaga) and return from Stockholm is not included, but everything else is is in there!  PLEASE just makes serious offers as it will be a total mess for me if you just mess around! ;-) And make them all in €s so everyone knows what others offer! Aution closes tomorrow at 12.00 CET and I will let all the top bids know what is going on so they have the chance to increase their bids!

    Stoked to warm up for Gumball with a 2 day 4000km trip! Gumball will feel  like a vacation after this! haha So who is up for the trip of a lifetime, I am pumped like crazy!


  8. I want to run!


    When I sat down in the “Catcher car” car yesterday I had not had anything to drink in 2 hours to make sure that I would not need to stop and piss, so when we left Kalmar I was pretty sure that it would be a tough day. After 5 km when we started catching the first runners that all changed! I have never been to a running event and never thought I would ever do one, but when I saw all the people running for everything they had to stay in front of my car I all of a sudden wished that I was one of them!

    It was just incredible to see runners in all shapes push it all day long and see how much fun the all seemed to have! The first thing I did when I stopped the car was to send Janni a text telling her that next year we are both going to run in this event!  So maybe we should set up a Team JJ for next year and try to gather 100 people and run for a great cause together!  What do you guys think of that? Who is with me? ;-) (I told Red Bull that my goal will be 21km so I will need a lot of training for this as I have never gone further than 10km before and that was quite a few years ago! haha)

    In the end it was Aron Anderson that made it the furthest (64.9 km) before we catched him, earning him the top spot for wheelchairs in the world. All in all the Wings for Life world run raised 4 200 000  to spinal cord research yesterday so I am super stoked to have been a part of such a great event!

    Right now I am about to grab some breakfast here at the Hilton hotel in Copenhagen before I fly down to Monaco, cant wait to finally unpack my bags after a long winter!


  9. Dinner at the castle

    Published at Kalmar

    After a great morning with Jonas in the gym yesterday I jumped in the car with Bruno from Red Bull and drove down to Kalmar for the Wings for life world run. Knew we had a press dinner but I had no idea that it would be at the castle here in Kalmar. I love old buildings so it was great to get a full tour of the place and an amazing dinner!

    Today is the Wings for Life world run here in Kalmar, a slightly different running event where you dont have a set distance and 100% of the sign up fees goes to a spinal cord research fund. 30 mins after the start a car will start rolling in 25km/h and when the car catches you you finish. I was going to run but the driver of the car had to cancel last minute so I was asked to drive the car. I said Yes of course, but that was before I realized that the best guys make it about 4 and a half hours before the car catches them. So my challenge today will be to drive for more than 4 hours in 25km/h with no cruise control, so even though I am used to driving a lot, this will be one of my most interesting drives! haha  Super happy to be apart of this though and support a cause that is very close to me as I have friends that for sure needs the help that an event like this brings, just in start up fees we have brought in 1 000 000 sek here in Sweden this year so that is amazing!

    After the race I am off to Copenhagen and tomorrow morning I am finally on a flight back home to Monaco, cant wait to finally spend a few days at home and do some laundry! ;-)


  10. Future body!


    I know I have said a million times that I am going to get a good routine on my work out and every time I have failed. So now I am just going to say that I am going to try a new way and see if that can help me maintain my routine while traveling. I know that working out every single day if I am in Marbella for the summer is easy, but when you fly around like a ping pong ball all winter I keep failing.

    So today I sat down with Jonas and described all this and asked him to help me find a way to keep my body in shape all year long, even during weeks like Gumball. So now we have a goal and tomorrow morning we will start setting the plan, one scedule for normal weeks and one for travel periods. Will tell you guys more about it as soon as we have a plan, but from the meeting we had today I feel very hopeful that Jonas can be the guy that gets me going once and for all!

    Off to Kalmar tomorrow at lunch time, stoked to go hnag out with the Red Bull crew again!