Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Hey guys! So here goes the details on the compilation video!

    We had such a great new years video made by Florian Landenberger so I figured I would see if there was anyone out there who could match that for a 1 year compilation video as we truly have our hands full with the daily videos so I am sure one of you guys can do a better job than we would! (Check out Florians video below todays Video here on the Blog)
    But this time I wanted to put up 1000 USD for the best video as well as a shout out on our channel to make it worth your while!

    No real rules, you guys have free hands on it, all I want to see is a video that best describes the crazy year we have had! The only thing is to put the video private, call it and then e mail the link to us at with the subject Jon Olsson 1 year or Daily Vlogging compilation. on the e mail!. The winner video will be published on our channel and when that goes live everyone who made a video can of course put it public and we will promote other ones if we find great ones!

    So good luck and thanks for helping us out with this so we can focus on the last few Vlogs of year One!