Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Let’s jump!


    Kick ass weather in Juvass, heading up to the glacier for a second session!

    Photo taken at 05.18, good thing I am a morning person!

    See you soon!



  2. Mission aborted…


    Got up to the hill and realized that today was not going to be a great day, to save our energy and motivation we decided to abort mission right away and head back down…Think we had enough days on skis to take a day like today off…

    Bad, really bad!

    Warner trying to replace the Lion man!


    Double sucky!

    Low cloud layer!

    Cool cloud layer!

    Looks like weather tomorrow is good so we might get a chance to hit the kicker once more, lets keep our fingers crossed!


  3. 365 days earlier…


    Good morning!

    First off, thanks for all the great comments on the edit!

    That plus the joy I feel when I jump made me so stoked on jumping that I yesterday ended up spending half my day working on a super shoot in NZ!  Nothing can compare to a Super shoots with a heli in the air!

    Since I got up really early I had some time over, so while I was looking through my iphoto library I saw these shots that were taken a full year ago, thats the best thing about blogging, you have pics from almost every day of the year!

    Sony camera, before I realized that Canons are much better!

    The Ultima in the 2009 shape, cant wait to see the finished new version!

    Some Zara shopping!

    Seems like I am doing more useful things on the 26th of June this year! (not that shopping and cars are bad) but I think a full day of GS might be better for me…;-)

    Only five days left of the 2010 Juvass camp, have to keep up the momentum all the way until the end!

    See you soon!


  4. Finally 4 Times


    Check out for more information!


  5. Check box!


    What a day!

    Since a sweet video blog is in the making I am not going to let you know all the details about the day just yet, but I can tell you that it was one hell of a day! I am super pumped! 

    05.25 AM

    Chopping the icy knuckle…

    Crills Canon 7D set up!

    The crew!

    There is nothing like a heli shoot in the AM!

    Some warmup chill tricks…

    Bringing out the good old Swich 7, have not done that one in a while, so much fun!

    Artsy shot by Mr Warner!

    Filip and Field productions went all in on this shoot, mega crazy arm holding a RED, not holding back at all!

    So sick looking!

    The Ninja heading for cork nr two… (If you thought he was good, you are wrong, he is beyond insane….)


    Team Yniq going for seconds…


    Super pumped!

    Thanks to Warner for being the man behind the still camera, not bad at all if I may say so! ;-)

    Stay tuned for the video blog dropping this afternoon!  (As usual on shoots like this we have to hold back on the A roll shots to not give away Fields stuff, but I made a deal with Filip so I will be able to show you what I did yesterday, so dont worry! ;-)

    See you soon!