Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Good morning!


    I really really love a morning with my computer and a coffe, its awesome!

    I got up at 04.45 this morning as Filip from Field productions texted me last night that a morning session on the kicker could be possible, unfortunately it was a little to grey out to make it happen…

    Kicker is ready and I think that I hope to have a twintip day today if the weather turns out to be ok, I cant wait to get in the air!  I  also think my legs could use a breather after a lot of hard ski racing days!

    On a totally different note, just got these shots from Fredrik Etoall that we shot a few weeks back for the Channel 5 blog header so I thought I would trow them up on here, I think they turned out pretty cool!

    I once again realized how great I feel as soon as I get up super early and have an hour on the computer, it truly is the key to "feel good" life for me!

    Crills lates piece should be done this afternoon so check back soon! Time for me to get dressed and head up the mountain!


  2. A sign of life…


    I dont think I have ever been on a schedule this tough!  As soon as I get down from the hill I am just struggling to survive the afternoon, I am completely dead from way to many awesome runs on the hill!

    If it was not for Crills video blogs I would have to put this blog on a hold! I hope you guys have some understanding with the not so so frequent text posts during this period… I hope and think that Crills work makes up for this!

    See you soon, more video blog action in the making… 


  3. A quick check in!


    Hey guys!

    Since I was dead from surfing almost 5h yesterday I went to bed super early and just woke up… Awesome! I have time to write a blog in the morning! So much better! Just thought I would trow in a few shots from the past few days before I head back out in the water! 

    Right now we are out at Stadt and its pretty F-ing crazy out here, almost full storm and pretty pumping waves, not clean but you cant win them all, super cool to be here though!

    Here are a few random shots from the past few days!

    Carving carving carving, skiing is easy but perfecting it is insanely hard!

    Team "No team" working to get the course perfect!

    Olivia made a short appearance in Juvass before she had to fly back to Sweden, she was loving the nice even slopes of Juvass!  

    Crill, he has a bed but he loves the couches! haha


    MR Hans has joined the crew! 

    Norrbotten and Warner, way to happy at all times!

    Our house in the morning! The factory is growing! 

    Time for me to get my wet wetsuit on and jump in the water. I have to say that the storm and rain outside makes is a little hard, but once you are in the water its awesome! (and a little scary)

    See you soon with another  master piece from Crill!