Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Jon Olsson Super Sessions 2010

    Team Norway

    Andreas Håtveit
    Aleksander Aurdal
    Sigbjørn Tveit

    Kristoffer Fahlgren
    Andreas Johannessen

  2. Morning Surprise…


    About to board the plane here in Sthlm…

    As Olivia usually helps me book my tickets I kind of suck at knowing the details of my fights. Today I got to the airport thinking I had a layover somewhere in Europe. I just assumed that due to the volcano mess it would be close to impossible to get good flights…
    Lucky for me, Olivia is the best and had found a great direct flight to Nice two days in advance, I love direct flights!

    Time for me to jump onboard and finally get home, I hope its nice and sunny, I could really use a bit of a tan!

    See you in Nice and thanks to Olivia for being the best helping her useless BF!


  3. JOSS video release schedule…


    Release schedule for videos: 

    • Today: Best crash, best style, best trick, best urban. 
    • Sunday: Team Norway. 
    • Monday: Team NS
    • Tuesday: Team Canada 


  4. Every day is a Saturday!


    Just got done with a nice meal at East, or I guess to be honest the food wasn't that great but the company sure made up for it!

    The sun is shining here in Sthlm and I almost feel sad leaving for MC in the morning, the 04.40 departure does not help…

    However its been way to long since I slept in my own bed and did some laundry so I guess its about time to head home!

    Tomorrow is also my first day with the Iphone, decided to give it another shot, still hate the touch screen typing but I have been told that I will get used to it…only one way to find out!

    See you soon!


  5. JOSS 2010 – The best of!


    The best of video contains nominees from the teams in Best Crash, Best Jib, Best Style and Best Tech trick!

    (Team America never submitted shots for the "best of categories" so that is why they are not in this part…)

    Music by Adam Smith