Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Mr Normal…


    I have been killing it as Mr normal today!

    Me and the lady just got done waching Bounce, a great show that gave me a million JOSS Awards ideas! However the best part was the non stressingness I felt, loved it!

    Just got my Salmon roll here at East so I guess I should post this!

    See you soon! 


  2. First…


    Yniq board meeting with products in hand! So much better to discuss a real product then a vision!

    SL in Sälen was great, I did suck pretty bad but I had a lot of fun!

    Bounce show tonight, not sure what to expect but I have heard amazing things!


  3. Mora…


    …finally made it home, had a nice meal with Olivia, mom and dad which does not happen to often so that was great!

    Going to get some sleep here before I start mission ” figure out how to ski SL” in the morning!

    Will keep you posted if anything fun happens and even if it does not I might have to post a post, just cause I can from my new sweet cell phone!
    Super stoked to go skiing tomorrow and not worry about preparing kickers for 30 guys and how to keep them all happy!
    Will try to give Byggmark a run for his money, but I think it might be a hard one….;-)

    See you in the morning!