Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Stadt update…


    Sitting here in the Lapoint house couch in Stadt, totally dead after a VERY early morning and a few to many hours in the water.  Will not give away to much more as that would kind of kill the videoblog…

    Just thought I would drop in, say hi and give you a little video from the SL training the other day, kind of happy about it considering its day two of SL training, think there is sometning there in a few of the turns! If not I am still having a blast hitting the gates!  ;-)

    See you soon!

    JON and Crill

  2. Frustration to Motivation


    Just sat down to write a little blog when I once again realized that its kind of hard to keep up an interesting blog when all you do is eat sleep and train. Luckily I have a great solution for this arriving in 13 minutes… Mr Crill is just about to roll into town to create some sweet videoblogs for you guys, super stoked about that, totally about time!

    Today was another sweet day with a lot of gate passings in the sun!  

    My SL skiing is really coming along and I actually had some pretty good turns in the morning when the snow was perfect, but as soon as the ruts starts to build around the gates, I start sucking! I hate sucking, I get so f-ing angry when I don't ski the way I want that I don't know what to do, I sometime have to stop in the middle of the course scream as loud as i can, I just can't control the feels that i get when I suck… Some might say that its not good to be as hard on myself as I am, that constantly thinking I suck will drag me down. For me its the opposite, I love analyzing my skiing into the smallest detail and never being satisfied with it. Instead of being dragged down, I just feed from this and get super motivated, a strength that i think is very underestimated to have!

    I guess I kind of like hating on myself! However it does seem to work as I feel that my SL has improved a lot in the past few days!

    Right now I am sitting here in Lom waiting for Mr Crill to arrive, but even better is that we have the alarms set for 04.30 as we are taking the weekend off and replacing the slopes with waves at Stadt. Wave forecast looks good so I hope that we will get some rides! Feels good to have a few days of skiis as my legs are starting to feel it…

    Not sure about the internet situation over there, but in worse case I will be back with a video blog from this weekend on Sunday.

    Time to pick up crill, see you soon!  Ocean here we come!


  3. Another great one!


    Just got back from another killer  day on the glacier! Weather here is still a little warm so we have to throw a lot of salt on the slope to make it nice and firm, but with a good motivated group thats perfectly ok!  As we all know my SL has not exactly been my strong side, maybe because of the lack of focus being put on it, but I think thats about to change, SL today was so much fun!

    Still have a lot of work to do, but Juvass is killer with its nice and smooth terrain, perfect to work on things and get a lot of repetition!

    After skiing we all pretty much died for about 30 min before we dragged ourselves out the door to combine some Volleyball with dry land. You loose, you get 30 sit ups, great help for my terrible dry land motivation!

    Our killer Volley ball court!

    Right now I am about to fire up the burrito factory that is now in full force again!  Think I might have to do a blog post on my "new updated burrito" , its buritos taken to a new level! ;-)

    See you tomorrow, hopefully by then I have downloaded a videoformat converter so I can get you guys some video from my SL comeback! 

    Oh, I alost forgot about mine and Leif wrestling match, we do suck bad at it, but holy crap its good training! ;-)


  4. New times!


    F-ck!, I was totally ready to get up when the alarm went off at 05.00, but instead of pushing the "snooze" button I must have hit "cancel" as I just woke up at 06.20. I can however feel that the early nights are starting to pay off and that the mornings are getting less and less painful.

    But the snooze failure means that I will not have time for a morning trip down to Lom center and upload yesterdays pics, so I will get that done right after skiing!

    As I mentioned yesterday I have some blog changes to announce!  As you know I recently started a blog in Swedish on Kanal5s website, the idea was that it was going to be slightly different blog compared to this but after a few weeks of trying I realized that figuring out what posts to put where took way to much energy so I yesterday came to the conclusion that I make everything as simple as possible and focus on maximizing the content for everyone!

    I will from now on post everything in this blog and give it 110% focus, in addition to this do the exact same on the Kanal5 blog, but with one major difference, there it will all be in Swedish!

    Why complicate things? Now the guys that wants the blog in English can just keep watching it on here (with more and better content) and the ones that prefers it in Swedish can just follow it on Kanal5s website, plain and simple!

    I feel great about this decision as trying to figure out how to combine the two blogs has taken way to much energy from me in the past few weeks, I think everybody wins with this solution!

    A few pics from yesterday!

    See you this afternoon!


  5. Conclusions…


    I think I came to a few today when it comes to my current blogging set up!

    A little to tired to give you the run down right now, so I thought I would get that all straightened out tomorrow.

    The plan is to fell asleep asap (its 20.40 now and  I am in bed) and the get up at 5 to get some work done before skiing. If this plan works I will be able to upload a bunch of funny shots from today in the morning, if not I will get them up right after skiing! 

    See you in the morning!