Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. On a roll!


    Training session one compleated!

    • 20 min jogging
    • 3x 1min intervalls
    • 30 min jogging
    • 60 min feeling like shit ;-) 7 days in a car is not a good warm up!

    You can tell that the Grand Prix is in town, huge boats and F1 Trailers rolling in!

    Time to chill for a few hours, core work out later in the afternoon!


  2. To do list…

    • Emails, try to answer the most urgent ones.
    • Car shipment back from Gumball (Find out where and when car arrives back to Europe)
    • Do laundry.
    • Train hard!, At least one heavy session, need to get back on track!
    • Organize my Red Bull tickets for the Grand Prix.
    • Get my Chanal 5 blog game face on! (and explain the difference between the two)
    • Get JOSS Awards online!

    And most imporantly figure out my computer situation. The computer that I thought was dead seemed to have come to life again, but during this post it died again, pissed me off hard! Going for some intervalls to release my frustraion! I f-cking hate computers!!!!

    But before that I need to eat breakfast, hungry as a wolf!


  3. Home sweet home!


    See you guys tomorrow, lots of exciting stuff on here this week!

    -Monaco grand prix week.
    -JOSS Awards the full movie.
    And ofcourse:
    -Jon and Colby JOSS segment!

    See you in the morning!


  4. Nice!


    Finally! A quick drive to MC and then I get to see Olivia, I cant wait!


  5. Zurich 19 h later…


    A slight delay is an understatment! I was supposed to get into Nice at 10.00 this morning but I am still as of now (16.30) in Zurich…
    On the good side there where a couple of seats avalible in the front of the plane so atleast we were pretty comfortible!

    I think Gumball has been great for me, sitting here with an inbox that is over full in a full flight chaos and I could not care less, I love it!
    However it would be nice to make it to MC tonight! Lets hope I do!