Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Gumball update


    Catch up!

    To day, Jens and I took off early from Boston with one mission in mind. To at least be able to follow the Gumballer’s for a bit and not be the last car standing, but after driving for three hours we get a call from Jon, he told us that they took a detour to the Puma HQ and the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory and that they would probably be late. No biggie we thought, they will probably catch up to us eventually… but we where wrong… they are slow ;-)

    Jon and Leif stoked to be in Boston!

    Jon’s car is sick!

    But our rental car looks just like in the movies ;-)

    At the moment Jens and I had a nice Club sandwich in the middle of nowhere.

    Well its time to go again we have another hour to Quebec.

    See you soon with a Video Update produced @ Burgs Bunny :)

    // CRILL

  2. Not good…


    I know that I have been the suckiest blogger ever, but to be honest there just have not been any energy to keep it up.
    I thought Gumball was a fun mellow roadtrip with some parties, but with all of the crazyness going on we have had about 3h night to spare for sleep, and that is for the ones of us that has skipped the parties! Its been driving and sleeping non stop for the past few days!

    About to board the plane here on Arlanda, think most people are exited to chill for 6h, I know I am!

    Will try to work on the blog game in the USA…Lets hope for more spare time!

    Hope the Vblogs are good, have not seen anything myself but I trust that crill is doing a great job!

    See you soon! ( I hope)