Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Itry…


    Thanks to my killer readers we are up and running!  Lets give this thing a try and see if its all its hyped up to be!


  2. Icrap…


    I was just about to get exited for my new Iphone when it decided to ask me for "a SIM card without a pin number to activate the Iphone"…why???

    Anyone has any idea how to get this little thing to work?  I tried a few different SIM cards but it would always give me the same message…

    Technology is great when it works but so frustrating when it does not!


  3. First morning…


    I know that you guys have seen this view a million times, but I never get tired of it and the feeling it creates!

    Today is the first day since mid January that I wake up feeling relaxed and focused, the past few month has been hectic!

    I think the best sign of this is that I yesterday started to think ahead, plan and look into the future. For the past few month is been hard to look beyond my hands and work has consisted of to much of damage control. Yesterday I found myself thinking of so many things that has just been blocked out of my mind…

    This is something that I have to work hard to make sure that i can avoid if I want to keep doing what I do now. In the long run it has to always be about the skiing, this winter my skiing has been hurt by all the other things I do, well maybe not hurt, but not optimized either. I want to do as many things as I can possible manage, but I have to get better at planning and structuring, maybe even to cut down on a few things.

    Anyway, conclusion is that I feel f–king great today, everything feels easy and i am ready to dig in to all the small things that I have been pushing infront of me…

    Today is apartment cleaning/fixing day, have a few things I need to fix so I will start there. Also need to finish up the last paper work for Gumball that is now only 3 days way!!!

    See you soon!


  4. Jon Olsson Super Sessions 2010

    Team Norway

    Andreas Håtveit
    Aleksander Aurdal
    Sigbjørn Tveit

    Kristoffer Fahlgren
    Andreas Johannessen