Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Finally!


    No more prototypes…

    No more "we should get them in the next 10 days"

    No more "we just have 3 pairs"

    I finally have 10 boxes filled with 100 pairs of Yniq goggles!

    Besides that, my energy level is still below zero, I think relaxing after the event made me really tired as all the tension is releasing. To not totally fall asleep I am going for a walk before I am back on the computer to FINALLY push the "release" button!

    See you in exactly 2h 49 min!


  2. Good morning!


    Found this on Newschoolers, made me laugh out loud!

    Love the fact that all I have on my schedule today is to get a video online, the past few month have been super stressful so waking up feeling relaxed is something that I have not felt in a while, but i have to say that I have missed it!

    Heading up to Sälen tomorrow to get some training in before the Ski Fantastic race on Friday, but thats tomorrow, today I will focus on doing nothing!


  3. No one is perfect…


    I am going to keep this one short: I hate fighting and it has taken up WAY to much of my energy all day, I just want to move on and forget about this, after all its just skiing, something that we all do because we love it. 

    Lets just pretend that this little thing never happened and shift the focus on the GREAT work from Team Europe and Down Under and the first two JOSS edits dropping in less then 20 hours…

    Good night!


  4. Good morning!

    I really thought that I would have enough energy during JOSS to keep the blog going full speed, but I realized pretty quickly there was no way I could handle that, good thing Crill and Mike was on location with their cameras to deliver great videoblogs!

    Anyway, I think I am back again so expect frequent updates in the next few weeks!  Crill will join me again in 10 days as we start preparing for the Gumball start on the 1st of May in London to start pumping out videoblogs, its going to be sick!

    Thought I would start my blog comeback with a "video release explanation" as many seem to wonder whats up! This is a rough explanation of what the week end looks for the JOSS organization.

    • Sat- We get all the videos in HIgh res, we stress all day to get all the movies in the correct format and frame rates (some export in US format and some in Euro) and get them on the big screen. 
    • Sun- We are dead, JOSS organisation takes a day off after 14 days of barly sleeping.
    • Mon- Crill collect all the vids from Awards producer. Starts converting to Vimeo format. (A lot of big files to convert)
    • Tues- Re-design website and get it ready for "final videos" Make sure all is on point, get ready for Wed. Coordinate with all websites and get press releases out.
    • Wed- Crill uploads and we release first video at 18.00.

    So as you can tell, it's not like we are sleeping and delaying the videos on purpose.

    However I will be the first to admit that we also look at what we believe will be the best system to generate the best possible web stats for the release. Some might not like this sort of thinking, but when reality checks in its a fact that without good stats it will be much harder to keep sponsors coming back to the event, without sponsors there will be not be an event and without an event there will not be any videos, so I think we all gain from doing it this way.

    Thats why it upsets me when Team America releases their video just because they are not happy with their score. All the teams knew about the release schedule and agreed to work with us, something all the other teams did.

    It not only makes it harder for me to make JOSS happen next year, I also think its very disrespectful to their friends in the other teams when they try to steal all the lime light from them. I know all the teams worked hard during this event and they ALL deserves to get full credit for it!

    Seeing Team America doing this really makes me sad, I have worked super hard to make this event happen and even harder to make sure that all the teams have a great time in Åre. So to see Team America not speaking to me or saying good bye because of their score to then then leak their video makes me almost wonder why I work my ass of  to make this happen. (I am not organizer, not the judge, as an organizer I did adjust the criteria to the JOSS competitors requests.)

    Then I think about all the sunny days, the crazy nights and alI the fun I had with all the stoked and humble teams, it that makes it worth every minute of work. However I this year realized that I will think twice on who I invite next year.  I will much rather invite more stoked rookies to Åre then pros making it hard for the event and their friends. However, that would also suck as Team America had one of the best edits I have ever seen…

    All I know is that I want the best guys in Åre, but I want them to be happy!

    Enough about that, lets focus on the positive things!  All the other teams have been killer guests and a pleasure to take care. (Big shout out to team NS for being the group of most stoked skiers I have seen in a long time, thats what this sport is about!) We are now only ONE day away from the first video to be released, I think all of you are going to love all of them!

    JOSS might be over but with Gumball approaching fast so I have a lot of things to deal with in order to get the car to London, get it insured and flewn back to Europe when its over, so I have to get going!

    I hope that cleased things up a bit and I hope that you can be patient for tomorrows video to drop!

    See you soon!