Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Stockholm.


    Just arrived to Sthlm after a long day in the car, too tired to compose a real blog post tonight so I will be back in the morning!

    Converting has begon and the first JOSS movie will drop in two days!

    Time to SLEEEEEEEEP!


  2. JOSS Awards, JOSS movies and Yniq!


    Good morning!

    All good here in Åre besides the fact that i am about to catch a cold, but as long as I can hold if off for another 10h I am all good!  Usually I am very nervous before the JOSS Awards but today I feel cool as a cucumber! Everything is super under control…( I hope…;-)

    So night is the night! Get your tickets at JOSS info center on Åre square, doors open 19.00 and show starts at 20.00, I cant wait to see the movies!

    Movie releases.

    Just like last year we will release one movie every day  with the first movie dropping at 17.00 on wednesday the 21st of April. I know you want them now, but we need some time to organize all the formats, I am sure that they will be worth waiting for!

    Yniq is officially off the ground!

    I am  very very proud to present the first 5 Yniq production pairs that will be on display and avalible to try at the JOSS awards, so make sure to try them out, they feel amazing! 

    Thats it from me today, have to run and set the last few details!


  3. Stomp!


    JOI is officially in the history books!

    I am not going to make this a long post as I am kind of super tired after a really long day and an even longer night!

    I am super stoked on how everything went and really happy about my 4th place. But more importantly I consider the jump I did after I was eliminated the best jump I have ever done,(I had so much fun I had to sneak back up to the top and hit it one last time) it feelt better the amazing!  So I thought I would post this shot of the Switch dub 12 (Tornado) that I landed out of the contest yesterday. 

    Full work day today to prepare for JOSS Awards so I will check back in tomorrow!

    Hope you liked the LIVE coverage!