Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. A long (but successful) day!


    Just got back home after a very long but awesome day!

    The day started out kind of mellow with some wind and fog, but just as the guys arrived at 15.30 the fog cleared and we opened up the jump. Testing it was super scary but I went for it! (Its not like I had a choice;-) I always ask David to stand on the knuckle and try to high five him, today I succeeded!

    After that, the session was on! It was a big kicker but it still felt kind of mellow, the bad parts was that the temperature made it impossible to get the landing soft so in all honestly it was kind of super scary as it was way to firm! Landing is also way more narrow then I would have liked, but its hard to get everything 100% perf when building 4 huge features! 

    Overall the kicker worked great and Crill got some amazing heli shots! I really hope that the temperature climbs higher up the scale so we get a slushy landing tomorrow, that would make it way better!

    The key to last when you have a lot of long days in a row, ice cold water in the shower for 5 mins, totally mega sucks! However it does the job, legs feel so much better when I push myself through this process!

    Video blog is in the making, should be done in the morning! (dont miss the kicker shots on the JOSS site!)

    Good night!


  2. The final feature…


    Good morning!

    Another milky day here in Åre, or I guess not really milky but not perfect enough to head up to the top…

    Just got these shots e mailed to me that we took 4 days ago (its now polished to perfection). Say hi to the Step over kicker! 

    With the weather looking something like this I think we will be air born on this very soon!

    Cant wait!

    Check back on the JOSS site for updates throughout the day on what is going on in Åre!


  3. Killing it!


    The bad weather just rolled like the forecast projected, perf for me so that I can catch up on JOSS Awards planning!

    I need glasses, stole Davids and tried them out!°