Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. A fast car and two fast skiers…


    Well I guess its more like "A really fast car and a really fast skier and a skier trying to be fast" 

    Petter Northug, the worlds best cross country skier visited Åre, we got connected through Red Bull and ended up going for a ride in the Lambo! 


    Terrible video quality, but you get why he is winning…

    Sunny up here in Åre, finishing up the last few things and in 3h the riders start arriving into to Östersund!  Trying to combine that and competing in Red Bull home run the afternoon will be kind of a mission, but I am sure it will work out!

    Crill had the day off to rest before the event, but he will be back in full speed today!


  2. Kombi-My way!


    Can you tell where the insperation comes from? 

    Go to and design your own glove to have the chance to win cool prizes!

    I need to have one of these tools when I design my cars, much faster and easier then my terrible photoshop skills!


  3. A question- An Answer…


    Good morning! Cause a good one it is, woke up before the alarm and felt rested!  Waking up feeling good and not super stressed has been a while, I love it!

    Thought I would kick start the day with answering a comment question!

    Looks good!! matt black really suits the SV! liked the tinted headlight on the Joss graphic better though! why change the headlights? but thats details! looks awesome!


    I changed the tinted headlights a was kind of hard to drive with, had full beams on all the way from stockholm and I still could not see anything… I am down to make some sacrifices to make the car look cool, but not being able to drive in the dark was to much even for me…

    - 07.02 Breakfast time!

    - 09.00 Car pick up (had to stay overnight in the garage to let the stickers set).

    - 09.30 Shaping of Red Bull Jib Garden

    - 11.30 Prep meeting for HQ bank photo winners

    - 12.00 Lunch with HQ bank winners

    - 13.00 Ski clinic with HQ bank winners

    - 15.30 After ski with HQ bank winners

    - 19.30 Dinner with HQ bank winners

    -Sleep and get ready for JOSS arrival date, lets bring on the madness!

    See you soon!


  4. There we go, that feels much better!

    Just got back from the garage after a few hours trying to help out with the branding, super happy about the turnout!  But I now beyond exhausted!

    JOSS wise the day was great, big progress was made on all jumps and everything is looking good, more info on all that tomorrow!

    Good night from Åre!