Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Right now!


    Just a normal morning…;-) Shooting a Red Bull Momentum segment!

    A RED cam

    A 7D

    A Sony EX3

    The normal breakfast shoot!


  2. Limone by Paul Ripke


    I thought you guys would like to see some of the stuff that came out of Limone. Below are a few of Pauls shots, make sure to click on them to get the full size shots!

    I personally LOVE the shots as I think  that he managed to shoot the ski action in a very unique way!

    Training this morning was epic but I cant say I performed as well as I would have liked, but more on the in the videoblog!

    Right now I am chilling in bed trying to make sure all bases are covered for sundays JOSS arrival!


  3. Thats funny…



    I agree, you have to work on the finish of the packline. The skibox has been much better fitted on you last couple of cars. this just look like you ducktaped it in on the top.

    Weird since its fitted with all the same mounts as the last one, 100% identical…


  4. Lamborghini Murcialago LP 670-4 SV Olsson Winter edition.

    Photos by Oscar Bakke, he shot these in about 45 min while I was trying to do TV at the same time, I am impressed!

    Time for one last ski racing session before we go into full JOSS mode!

    See you soon!