Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Stepping up my game…


    In the past I have worked on my GS kind of like a devision 7 soccer team works on their game, play a little bit and hope they will get better…

    Its time fore phase two of the comeback, lets step it up!

    Privat coaching by Fredrik Nyberg ( Swedens most successful GS skier since Stenmark), in a privat slope with a private course with video analysis. Had the same set up yesterday and I have never experienced training like that before!

    Then its time to shovel!  Stoked on everything, its all rolling fast but in the right direction…


  2. “the hip to hell”



    Chief shaper in Charge David Ny stoked on his insanely big hip!

    It looks super sweet, anything under 25 feet will be a disappointment!

    I have been killing it today!

    GS training with Fredde Nyberg this morning (Crill was at the doctors but will be with me tomorrow), after that I spent the next 8 h in my speedsuit shredding through meetings in full speed as there was no time to change, but after today things feel very good for JOSS! 

    Have to run out to check on the jumps so I will be back with a video tomorrow!


  3. JOV back in action!


    So things are working out!

    I got through the TV show and came out alive! Have GS training with Fredrik Nyberg set up here in an hour, inbox is almost under control and Crill is on standby for daily updates so I feel good!

    So make sure not to miss the videoblog above and lets have fun during JOSS!  


  4. Follow me around…


    Good morning!

    Time for me to run out the door for some GS training with coach Fredrik Nyberg, stepping up my game!