Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Whats up?


    Is a very valid question!  

    My life has been running in full speed for the past few days so the blogging has suffered hard, but I hope to change that now!


    Since I am sort of a control freak I was planning on setting up a real photo shoot up here in Åre to deliver top shots of the Lambo to you guys, but since I was busy yesterday I had to postpone the shoot for today. As I expected pics was found all over the net this morning so why not throw them on here as well…


    Spy shot by mr James Holm.

    A full series of shots will be taken today, but right now I have to kick start my day as its full of JOSS meetings and TV stuff. 

    See you guys soon!


  2. 34 sec…


    Was not found, not even close…

    Will try again tomorrow, have to get some sleep so my brain works again, not killing it right now…

    Sorry for the poor updates, had 59 new e mails since yesterday when I just checked my email, small panic attack, will sleep and dig into stuff in the morning…


  3. Beyond Busy…


    After the longest day this year I arrived in Mora at 02.14 AM last night. Dead can not even describe my status at that point…

    Slept 3h and then skied a run in Gesunda this morning but had to leave before second run due to some delays. Driving to Åre in a 30 min…

    Pics of the Lambo will be on here as soon as I have more then 34 sec over to take a few!

    24 h in a day is not enough… I need more!

    See you in Åre!!!


  4. 03.52


    Time to get stuff done!  Have a 7 Am flight out of Nice via Munich to Stockholm!

    But first I need to:

    -Pack up for the next 2 months including Åre and Gumball- Not easy.

    -Place bills in order in my archive.

    -Clean so the place is nice for when I get back here after Gumball.

    -Unpack the Range and make a quick clean!

    -Coordinate the Lambo pick up and tire change.

    -Design the logo placements on the Lambo.

    -And of course answer to a bunch of  e mails!

    Need to leave here at 05.40 so I better get going!

    See you in Sweden!