Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Late last night the Nor Am cup had its last stop in the ski resort Waterville Valley in New Hampshire, USA. Jon Olsson won the overall GS cup, just in front of the US Olympian Nolan Kasper. Third place went to Petter Brenna from Norway.

    The competition, known as North America’s equivalent to the European Cup, has been an important part of Olsson’s goal to reach the 2014 Olympics. The victory doesn’t just mean that Olsson will have start number 31 in all the European Cup GS races next season; he is also a step closer his Olympic dream.

    Olsson had a tough training schedule last fall and therefore he chose to take a well-needed brake in the middle of the season. Despite yesterdays run which did not reach his expectations, Olsson is still very satisfied with the overall achievement.

    ‘It felt great to be back and to be standing at the starting gate. I feel good and I am very motivated and ready to work and train hard until the very last snow has melted away’ Jon Olsson says after the race.

  2. Good Monaco Morning! 

    Change of plans!  Decided to jump in last minute on the GS Challenge in Mora on my way to Åre, so if you are close by and want to see some GS action (or the new Lambo ;-), then come by!

    Stoked to get some good training in!

    See you there!

    Time for me to answer to the last few e mails in my inbox, but I have to say that I am a little worried of how in control I feel, almost afraid that I have forgotten something….

    Will be nice to enjoy a day without stress, all I have on the schedule today is the e mails, pick up my international drivers license and buy some ID make up products for Olivia!


  3. Zurich, leg 2 done!


    I have to say that I like SAS flights better then Swiss, but I do love the free wireless at Swiss louges! 

    Have to run here in 5 mins but I thought I would answer all the "Who will replace Bobby Brown" questions…

    I have actually no idea, as I mentioned before e mail is not the strong side of most skiers, so I check in on ever day to see if there are any news about Bobbys replacement, but so far not a word so I have no idea, I am just as curious as you guys!

    Think the business upgrade was fully worth it as I slept like a baby all the way from Chicago to Zurich, was so comfortable  that I did not even want to get off the plane! Feel super rested and ready to get stuff done!

    So for the third time, See you in MC!


  4. Chicago-ORD


    One leg of the trip completed, just sat down in the Swiss lounge in Chicago!


    Decided to treat my self with a business upgrade and a Heiniken, not hating it right now! 

    Just got some pics of the new Lambo, its going to be sick, think who ever that likes cars on here will be stoked on friday, its time to bring her out!

    See you in MC!


  5. Time to fly!


    See you in Monaco tomorrow!


    Cool, will check facebook, hope all is well with you!  Blog comment communicating, totally awesome!!!

    See you soon