Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. What a surprise…


    I did not expect to get an answer from PK, but I was hoping that he at least had a working e mail…

    Communicating with freeskiers are not an easy task, I am to busy and the rest does not respond to e mail, or in PKs case have a working one…haha


  2. Good morning blog!


    Just pored my first cup of coffee for the day, life is feeling great today!

    Got up at 4.00 and stuck to my Jet Lag plan, this way I will almost be on Euro time when I get back, now all I have to do is stay awake all the way to Chicago and I will be golden!

    Have a few e mails to deal with before I start packing my bags, traveling light home as I broke Warner skis and had to leave mine here as replacement, checking in will be a walk in the park!

    Life is good! (not thanks to cars or parties, but from hard work and discipline, I need to remember this and apply it to my life even more, you live and you learn)!


  3. ^Quote from Mr Dane Spencer. Coming from a guy with 424 FIS Starts and 66 Word Cup starts I think it says a bit about the day!

    This is the first thing we saw when we got to the top for inspection!

    The snow did not freeze up over night and was not wet enough to salt, so the only way out was to bring in the heavy artillery! This way they got enough moisture in the snow to make the salt work, but what a mission, took 30 men 2h to get the first run skiable… 

    Me and Leif was not about to let the weather stop us! Scandinavian troopers!

    Despite the hard work with the snow, they still had to move the start down a bit, I guess being able to do this with a ski pole in the race course is usually not a good sign…

    They did pull off the first run, but the snow was not holding up to well so people pretty much finished in the order they started, me included…

    Could have been a lot better as I was skiing pretty well but a big mistake on the last gate before the flats put an end that that…

    Second run, a little foggy! It did clear up a bit and second run ended up being kind of ok, but everyone was super tired as the second run started at 3.20pm, so it was kind of a rough one, still really fun!

    Really random video from Leif starring JO!

    Result wise, Tommy Ford keept killing it taking home the GS title, Warner having a great race series finishing 2nd today, with Chris Frank on third place.


    I found my self in 6th place, fully OK with that considering Leif was right behind me in 7th  I think I did a pretty good job in a strong starting field!  Every race gets me more fired up for this comeback, these last few weeks have been amazing! Cant wait to get back in a course as soon as I get to Åre!

    Feels kind of shitty to be flying out tomorrow as I feel that I am just getting started again. The feeling of february sucky tiredness is all gone and I feel up to speed again!

    The good thing is that I am not leaving to go sit on my ass, its JOSS jump building time, maybe my favorite activity of the whole year! 

    Tomorrow- Fly out of Burlington in the after noon.

    Wendnesday- Land in Nice, deal with new drivers licence for Gumball.

    Thursday- Work work work to keep my inbox empty!

    Friday- Fly to Stockholm, Pick up the freshly tuned Lambo, drive to Mora.

    Saturday- drive to Åre in the morning, start moving snow!

    Its JOSS time!

    Before I go to bed, I have to give a HUGE shout out to the organizers, I cant belive they pulled of a race today, it was for sure the hardest I have seen anyone work to pull of an race, hats off to Whiteface!


  4. Lake Placid!


    A little to tired to really kill the blogging tonight, besides I have an important race tomorrow so I need to get my 8h of sleep! But here are a few pics from today!

    This was about the only sun we saw all day, the weather turned to shit with wet snow and fog later on…However up top the snow was sweet so I had some great training runs and I have to say that the feeling that I had in the turns today was better then anything I have ever felt, pure awesomeness! No idea if I am fast, guess I will find out in about 12h…


    Lake Placid, holding on strong to their Olympic history, seems like time stood still since 1980, everything is Olympic something and flags are still everywhere…

    Just got back from dinner, super full and ready to sleep! 

    Over and out from Lake Placid, home of the 1980 Olympic games! US Nationals GS on the schedule tomorrow, lets give her!!!