Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Or maybe this is why….


    I feel great…

    An empty inbox!  Zero e-mails to reply to!  I cant remember last time my inbox looked like this, but it did not come easy, 5 AM wakeup calls for 10 days straight, but I finally made it!


  2. White is not the way to go…


    If you want to look big!

    "Jon, you look smaller then Dane & Warner, they look like they have been in the gym more then you have? Maybe an illusion but looking at your legs they look thinner. Is this something that matters or are you as fit as you need to be?



    I think its mostly an optical illusion as I am further away on the picture, I am actually 83kg where as Warner is 82kg. So I am pretty much where I need to be to ski fast. However I will try to hit up 85-87 by the end of the summer, but not because I think that I ski faster from it, but because I feel that I can take crashes etc better and stay healthy. (But jeah, Dane is stronger then average…;-)

    As I have said for the past two years, getting big is easy, ever gym dude in every part of the world gets big, but becoming a fast ski racer is a completely different story, thats hard!

    But mr 82kg Warner sure is one fast skier, caught 3rd place today at US Nationals SG, very impressive as GS is his stronger discipline!

    I took one run to get a quick look at the hill, was going to train a bit but it was uber mega slushy moguls all over the mountain so I hope that we get some colder weather over the night so that I can work on my turns tomorrow!  

    So stoked to ski right now, life just feels extra great for some reason, maybe its the awesome " Team DTL+1" set up with economic, sport focused thinking far from sportscars, champage  and parties that makes me feel this good? I dont know, but I like it!


  3. Style study of Team “DTL+1″


    Warner might have won the race, but I think Dane won the photo contest, great intensity!  Shots by Carl Stone!

    Dane Spencer

    Mr Olsson

    Warner, AKA "mr super solid"!

    Team DTL+1 killing it!

    US nationlas SG in on the schedule here in Placid so I will get on my boards and go freeskiing!  Have been killing it all morning and my inbox is empty, feeling like a king!


  4. Bobby Brown hurt…


    Just red this on . Seems that Booby is out from JOSS, as soon as I hear more about things I will let you guys know…


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    Mar 19 2010
    Yeah he compression fractured two of his vertebrates overshooting a powder jump to a cat-track shooting with MSP in Idaho. He has to get an MRI to check and make sure that he didn't smash one of his disks. He flew home yesterday and is seeing a spine specialist. He's out for the rest of the season, but will probably be all good for Hood and Whis and New Zealand this Summer. Definitely a really huge bummer.

    Sucks bad!  Our thoughts are with you Bobby for a speedy recovery!


  5. 6 shots from the past 6 hours…



    Even at the restaurants, I truly am the Burrito man! (eating the rest of it for dinner as I am writing this…)

    Ferry on the way to Placid…

    Just a nother day on the spring tour with Warner Nickerson, no biggie!

    Attempt one to look good…

    Attempt two, gave up…

    Whiteface mountain!

    Time to sleep, I am exhausted!