Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. ON the run!


    To Placid for more races…

    Quick summary of the day…

    First run: Sucked bad, 2 sec out, was scared of the side flips, turnes out the new boot adjustment was killer.

    Second run: very straight course, still did good and had the 3rd fastest time in the second run, 10/100 out, actually got Warner in the second run. Stoked!

    So I would give the day a 6 out of 10, shitty first run, no points. Good training and testing, sunny and nice!

    Time to pack!

    See you soon!


  2. First run video…


    Tested some new boot angles (super aggressive) so I was kind of out of control, but there are some seriously fast turns in the mid section… A little more fine tweaking and I think we could be on to something…

    Super fun! Usually not my type of hill but with the new things I have been working on I think that I have improved a lot!

    Time to sleep, good night!


  3. JOSS, Team Down Under Rookie!


    5 quick ones with down unders rookie Dhanu Danger Sherpa

    1. Name and age: Dhanu Danger Sherpa, 19

    2. Home mountain/town: Home town Jindabyne, home mountain Perisher

    3. Favorite trick:  switchy dip

    4. What ski's do you use:  Line Ski's

    5. What does JOSS mean to you: its an acronym isnt it? haha. means the world, so stoked to be going
    Stoked to see some new faces in Åre!

  4. Head over heels!


    What an almost great day!

    The first run was sweet!  Skied terrible in the first part of the course, but killed the bottom part and put myself in tied second place with Dane, 40/100 of a sec behind Warner. Considering how fast Warner was in Waterville I was stoked!  (I was 1.8 out after first run in Waterville)


    Kind of pumped for the second run, but after about 5 gates I hooked my arm in a gate and went head over heels and crashed pretty hard. Got right back into the course to juice the day and got some good practice on the way down.  Nothing happened to me but my skis came out looking more like reverse camber powder skis… 

    So even if I did eat some major chunks of shit I had a fun day, was nice and sunny and it really reminded me of how awesome it is to ski in the spring!

    Time to fix up a new pair of skis, need to be fast tomorrow!