Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. On the road again!


    Got into Sugarbush late last night after driving for a few hours…

    95 Honda Accord wagon, the tour mobile! I am in love with its backseat!

    Warner testing out the flat black look on parts of the car…;-)

    I am no longer a Dairy Queen virgin thanks to Warner and Dane!

    GMVS dorm living, its sweet!

    Time to race, see you later!


  2. Warm up!


    How to get ready for a race!

    Moi AKA " the worlds worst cracker killer"

    Leif AKA "the cracker killer"

    Time to get in the car and drive over to Sugar Bush, no idea how far it is or where we are staying! Thats the best part about this trip, I am not the organizer! I just make the burritos, Warner and Dane takes care of the rest!

    See you soon!


  3. New JOI invitees!


    Good morning!

    As You know we had 3 spots up for grabs at JOI through video qualification. First I was thinking that I would look at the videos and pick my favorites, but I decided to let the people speak and go with the ranking at the JOSS videos.

    1. LJ Strenio – 9.184
    2. Gus Kenworthy – 8.812
    3. Matt Walker – 8.802

    4. Pekka Hyysalo – 8.784
    5. Laurent Favre – 8.762
    6. Corey Vanular – 8.718

    7. Sean Jordan – 8.710
    8. Oskari Raitanen – 8.521

    The three guys that just missed the qual to JOSS will be the next line of invitees to JOI! Congrats to Pekka, Laurent and Corey! (if anyone of these guys would not accept their invitation the spot goes to the next guy on the list…)

    Overall the JOI startfield will be:

    • All JOSS Atleates
    • Pekka Hyysalo
    • Laurent Favre
    • Corey Vanular
    • Top 2 spots from Comviq Swedish Open

    Time for me to get a massage, its going to be extra sweet since my neck is about to fall off from poor working positions! haha

    See you soon!


  4. Nor Am GS title secured!


    I had a few goal coming into this season, one was to do well at the Nor Am Cup, today I reached that goal!  Despite a day that was far from great skiing wise I managed to clinch the GS title in the 2010 Nor AM Cup at Waterville Valley, just ahead of US Olympian Nolan Kasper!

    Coming into the season I had very high hopes for the year as training in the fall had been far above all expectations! Things kept going my way all the way through Christmas with the peak of it being the Nor Am win in Panorama.

    However, somewhere after that I was slowly loosing the touch on my skis, the timing was off as well as the endurance. Looking back I think the 100 days I spent on skis before christmas might have been a little to much for my body.  At first I did not realize that I had been over training and keep pushing it, but that just got me sucking even more. So a month a go I made the call to take a little time out and head down to Monaco, ski Limone and sleep in my own bed for a month, a lot of friends and even my sponsors where asking me is this was a smart move in the middle of the season… Looking back I think it was! Its so hard to know where the limit is for training as much as possible without over doing it, I am now one experience wiser!

    Even though todays speed was far from what I need, I felt that I had the same good feeling in my body as I had earlier this fall. In the first run I had some great turns but unfortunately made a lot of mistakes and ended up 10th, totally fine by me as the last time I ran a full length course was Sunday river more the two months ago.

    In the second run I just did not feel the energy, plus the fact that I think I might have held back a little thinking about the overall title. Finished in 13th place, not great but I will take it considering how horrible I felt 8 weeks ago and how much more I feel that I have to give! Felt great to be back in the start gate! A few more days of racing and I should be back where I want to be!

    Winning the Nor Am cup title means that I will get start nr 31 in all the Europa Cup GS races next year which creates a great platform to improve further from. Most importantly I feel good again and have a huge bag of motivation on my back, I am ready to keep working hard until the very last bits of snow are gone!

    Have an appointment with the fysio at 7 am so I better get to bed and get a good nights sleep, more races in Sugar Bush to come in the next few days, stoked to keep working on my GS game! Its easy when its fun!

    Was great to get to hang out with Leif again, been way to long, he is awesome!

    I could really get used to the red leader bib, always been a fan of red…;-)

    Leif on the bottom "pitch"… Waterville is nice but not very steep…

    Moi holding on for dear life in the last few gates of the 1.13 long course!

    A few nervous moments before we figured out how the race had gone! 

    Lost a bet and had to buy a few Red Bulls…;-)

    Real happy about my first Alpine racing title!

    See you in the morning! Tonight I close my eyes with a big smile on my face, that's a very rare thing in my life as I am very hard on all the things that i do, so I will try to enjoy this one the the max!


  5. GS Nor Am finals today!


    Off to Waterville Mountain to see if I can hang on to the GS title, still in the lead and I hope to be so after todays race as well!  Time to put my new things to the test!

    However I do wish I would have had some more time to train on them….