Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. What happened in Limone, it seems so much effort went into building this jump, so much forward and backwards from Monacco for very little jump time? I thought it was for a serious practice session like when you had Andreas out last year.

    Also you never really cleared up what happened to Josh? I thought he was with you for the year now making the video blog?

    Well I guess that’s the reality of buildning a kicker like that. If you want the views, you get the weather. Trysil had the night lights so we could get a lot of skiing in but on the other hand we could not really get any pics from it.

    Limone became more about the epic shots since we where a little unlucky with the weather, but I did get some new things under my belt so for me it was a big success. Kicker shoots of the caliber is so much harder to work out them most people think, most kicker shoots I do I build for 2 weeks and then get to hit them once…

    Josh left right after the session just as planned, Crill will be with us here in a coupe weeks so the videoblogs will be back soon!

    I am sure that we will see Josh real soon aswell, me and Josh are working on a few things that could turn out very sick, (like mega sick) as soon as it's a done deal it will be all over this blog!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Where is team USA with Colby West och John Symms in JOSS 2010 ?

    Colby West will be participating in JOSS, but not as a regular team member…

    Me and Colby will be doing a lot of the Videoblogs together and also a final video for JOSS Awards. So don’t worry, there will be plenty of Colby at JOSS!


    Just watched some old blogs JOV on youtube when you are scouting for areas in USA to bring JOI? what happend with that?

    Well, lets just say that I ran out of time!

    I made a comback ski racing and at the same time I started Yniq, so there was just not enough time for it, hopefully I will be able to bring those ideas back in the future!

    Good to hear you have the good feeling back!! good luck in the races coming up! just saw the at for gumball here, any word on what car you will be driving? gonna use the new lambo?

    Gumball car= Lamborghini LP 670 SV


    Cali P to Joss?

    Not impossible…;-)


    Whats up with Yniq, when will they be on sale???

    Yniq is coming along just fine, a few small things are dragging but I am hoping that all the parts will be in before the end of the month. For me its not to important when we get it out, its much more important that it's a 100% when we do release them!

    As soon as I a have any news I will get it on here!

    COMMON! this is boring. Cant understand you spent 12 hours on the computer without blogging.. I dont know, are we to spoiled with you blogging so much?

    Well, I had to spend 12 h on things that had to be done, A blog will survive a 12 a break, but JOSS will not take care of itself…;-)


    Lamborghini, a great winter car!

    I know, I have been meaning to embed this video before , its awesome!


    Nor Am finals GS tomorrow, lets hope that I have had enough turns in my new routine to make the skis run quick tomorrow!

    Stoked to race!


  2. Running…


    To the car, SG cancelled here in Burke due to bad snow, but I got some sweet GS training in on the top of the mountain so its all good!

    Just anted to say hi and that I will be back tonight with a longer post…

    Thought I would also answer this…

    Josh went home, he was with me for Limone only… Crill will join mew in about two weeks for JOSS…


  3. Really?


    Two days without blogging?

    YES! I felt kind of bad about it but I think its the fact that I have been feeling so good over the past few days, being totally relaxed that I was able to shut a few things off for a while. I usually stress about everything, getting a lot of stuff done, but not feeling any kind of calm in my body.  Now I feel different, I feel great!

    So lets recap!

    Two days ago.

    Skiing Cannon Mountain, the place that gave Bode Miller his thunder!

    Skiing was great, me, Warner and Dane skiing with a few young kids. 

    I think that the reason that I have been feeling so relaxed is because I am starting to get the sweet ski feeling back. That put a calm in my body that I have not felt in a while. Feels amazing!

    Then we hit up Franconia for some lunch, I think Franconia is pretty proud of the fact that Bode grew up there…;-)

    So that was two days ago. 

    Yesterday we drove out to Burke and trained with the US ski team, perfect snow and overall great conditions, worked hard on the "Swiss high inner arm". Feel like a new skier, feels great!  Not sure if I will have had enough turns to use it fully on the next few races, but my mind is clearer then ever and I know what I want to work on!

    Today is the Suger Combined here in Burke, I decided not to race to give myself more time on the GS skis, just had 9 runs, I feel like Daniel Albrecht, killing the highest inner arm ever!

    Feels even better to get this online, sorry for sucking, will make sure to improve! ;-)


  4. Still slacking…


    Or maybe not really…

    I did almost take another day of from blogging. But not for nothing, I managed to fit almost 12 hours of computer time on my "day off"…;-)

    Killed it with JOSS things today,  as soon as I feel up to par with all that it will be much easier to put the focus back on a killer blog!

    I love the weekends, I can work full on, but I get no new e mails back!

    Good night!