Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. The night off!


    I am taking the night off from blogging, was going to connect the camera and start importing pics, but then I decided that I was to tired and that it could wait for the morning!

    Hope you guys are ok with that!

    Time to die! Good night!


  2. Who knew?


    Waterville Valley, the birth of freestyle skiing? I sure didn't know, but apparently the first organized freestyle event was held here! (if I got my facts right…?)

    Click on images for larger view!

    But I was not here to jump, we had GS training lined up with the Waterville club that worked out great, snow was kind of soft, but good to get back into full lengths courses again. The best thing about today was that we got to train on the hill where Nor Am finals are held next week, super mega sweet! Makes the biggest difference to know the hill!

    Got to check another resort of my list, very nice one, the park looked super sweet! Big ups to the resort!

    After skiing we sat down to eat outside, only to get kicked out by one of the rudest ladies I have ever met, due to a "private party". We asked for 2 mins to finish our burgers as the place was dead empty, but she insisted on us leaving immediately so we grabbed a table and just put it up outside, worked out even better!

    I just don't get angry rude people, must really suck to walk around with such a poor attitude all day long! We didn't really care, as you see on the shots we had a great day and got some valuable miles under our skis.

    Right now I am trying to figure out how to stay awake for a few more hours, hot sure how its going to work out, but it better, I hate waking up in the middle of the night!

    Today was a great day!


  3. JOSS Team America!


    Announced by Tom Wallish on last night.

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads before any false rumors get spread.  
    JOSS Team America this season is going to be Myself, Simon Dumont, and Bobby Brown.

    I am going to be competing as the Team America Rookie.  This was my first season competing in the X-games and accordingly I can still be considered the rookie for our team.  Although I competed in JOSS last year, I feel me being the rookie for our team is a great way to put together as good of a team as possible.  It also gives Bobby a chance to come out to Sweden with me and Simon.  He deserves it so much, and I couldn't be more stoked to have him on our team.

    There are tons of awesome skiers out there, and tons of american skiers that absolutely kill it.  Yes there are other skiers that deserve an opportunity like this, but no one as much as bobby.  He's slayed the comp scene and it's gonna be awesome to have him as a part of a film project like this.  

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up! And let you guys know how stoked we are on our team for this season.  It's gonna be an awesome contest!
    Hope you guys enjoy the videos cause I know we'll enjoy making them!

    -Tom Wallisch

    Now that is going to be a killer team! As for rules on rookies they where early set that one person in the team could not have been at X games before this year so Tom does qualify as a rookie, not the way I had planned the rookie criteria to play out, but I am happy that things worked out and we got the best skiers to JOSS!

    In16 days the snowcats of Åre will start the construction of what I hope will be the best JOSS ever, its close!


  4. Made it!


    After a pretty smooth (but long) day of traveling I made it to Boston where Warner (left) and Dane (right) picked me up, love the fact that I did not have to get a rental car and figure everything out by myself, was fantastic to just get in the back seat and lean back!

    Click on images for a larger view!

    Casa de Warner!

    Fantastic view!

    And then jet lagged came and stabbed me!  Hurting right now, cant wait to get a long nights sleep and head to the hill in the morning, I know Warner told me 10 times where we are going but my brain seems to have shut of the memory part, so I guess I will have to get back to you on that one!

    Feel good to be out traveling again, for some weird reason I seem to relax more and find it easier t focus on the important things!

    See you in the morning!



    BTW, I was closer then ever to missing my flight this morning, I left MC 64 mins before my flight was supposed to leave, at that point I had half my stuff in the car so a repack at the airport was needed, left the car at the short term parking for Marcus to pick it up later. He fund it with both front windows down… I guess I was in a hurry…