Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. 4 am was not enough!


    I am still in bed and its 05.42, fist fighting with my inbox, have not yet started packing and I need to be in the car at 06.10 to head to the airport… You would have thought that I should have learnt to plan by now…

    See you in the Boston!


  2. True that!


    Comment: Good luck with the transportation :) To be a bit negative! I truly love your blog, but why dont you give us more information about what's happening? Had no clue about Nor Ams, and that you were shooting with Fields in Limone, or why Josh disappeared and so on.. Mor info pls :)

    I don't think you could be more right!  So easy to just get caught up in trying to cover what is going on for the moment and miss out on the long term things… Will for sure work on this, great to get feedback from you guys!

    But since I have to get up at around 3am to finish  packing and dealing with cars I will not give you the full "future plan" right now. But I guess it could be good to know that I am flying over to Boston in the morning for a few FIS races, US Nationals and most importantly Nor Am finals!

    Will be back soon with a more complete spring plan!

    Thanks for all the help with car transport, really appreciate it! Will let you know as soon as I know how things work out, but I am way closer to a solution now then I was this morning!

    Good night!


  3. I need some help!


    Anyone knows of any good Car transport companies or other solutions to ship two cars from MC to Sweden asap?

    Maybe someone owns a car transporter and wants to make a buck?

    If you have any useful info on this I would would kill for it!  I have been prosponing a solution for this way to long instead of dealing with it in time and now its panic like usual…

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Good morning!

    I was struggling to get my eyes open today, but after an e mail containing a link to this movie I finally woke up, one of the funniest youtube clips I have seen in a long time! (Thanks to Global Play Boy!)


    My personal favorite has to be the hair pulling, or what do you guys think? 

    Time to get out of bed, crank up the coffee maker and get to work, have so much stuff to do before I fly out to Boston for the US nationals and Nor Am finals tomorrow! JON

  5. Credit card roulette!


    And then we went out, feel pretty good now though, seems that champagne-Redbull is a keeper, never feel this good in the morning! Or maybe I am still so stoked on yesterdays session that everything is just great!

    Today is dealing with Gumball paper day!

    See you soon!