Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. F— the boat…


    I dont care how big it his, how nice the weather is or how turquoise the water is…

    It will never come close to an afternoon on a perfect kicker and the kick it delivers!

    I just got back from a surprise session in Limone, weather forecast was not very good so I did not have any expectations, but much to our surprise the weather was perfect and I had one of the best sessions I have had in a long time!

    There must have been almost 1000 people watching me an Joni Malmi hit the jump cheering us on on the way to the top. I was hoping to get som Tordaos done and get that to 14, but the kicker was a bit sketch switch so I had to change plans and decided it was time to work on some different grabs in my dubs.

    Josh had to levae so you are stuck with my mini cam shots, full shots will be in Fields new movie next year!

    Click on image for larger view!

    After a couple of hours I finally had the dub cork 10 and 12 with nose grab, I cant believe that I have not tried it before, so much easier then saftey and japan! Either way it felt great to get them down and it felt much more natural then I thought it would! Now I can be live ever one else…;-)

    But best off all was that I had the complete feeling of satisfaction in my body, I felt totally in peace with my life and what I am doing, I felt that I was trying my best and pushing myself as hard as I could. Something that I have found is the best recipe for happiness in my live!

    Super happy right now!  Cant wait for JOSS to come around so that I get to try more new things!

    Dinner time, see you soon!


  2. Morning glory!


    So first off, sorry for being a sucky blogger over the past few days!

    After building the jump, getting up at 5am for 14 days straight, ski racing when not in the ski cat, I was pretty beat after we finally got to hit the kicker, especially as a cold was sneaking up on me.

    So i had to try to take a bit of a "time out" from the "high speed perfection life". I did so and had a good time, went shopping, looked at cars and boats and even did a bit of clubbing. 

    To be honest I am not sure how good it was, I feel way better when I get up early and ski hard, I just realise every time I "chill" how much better I feel when I work hard and give everything I do 100%. However I cant spend my life with a 5 am wake up call, so I need to work on my balance for this kind of things! ( I feel like a king right now after 40 emails and a blog post before 7am haha)

    Could write forever about my thoughts about "life balance", how to handle the "Lala land of Monaco" and how I am trying to find the balance between work dedication and the life enjoyment side of life. I think I will save that one for later, kind of a really hard subject to make sense in and really get my thought through… All I can say is that the older I get and the more aware of this I get, the more I feel that its important to keep my eyes open and secure both feet  on the ground…

    Its a fine line to walk,  to make it even thinner we went boat hunting…;-)

    Me and my friend Marcus (who I visited in Singapore in Sept) went and looked at this Riva "Rivarama",  truly amazing!

    The only problem is that the more amazing things like this I look at and get into, the more I feel that the balance in life is harder to find. Its like I love it and its all I ever dreamed of, but it almost scars me a little how insane my life has become, but at the same time its very motivating!

    No results- No play!

    Time to hit the slopes and try my best at the one thing that matters, then I can think about things like this!


  3. Click on it!


    Had this up and running on the test site, but took us a few days to get it to work here. As you can see you will now be able to see all the pics in a huge format! I personally think its a great addition!

    Click on picture for larger images!


    I am in bed today, had a bit of a party last night, felt that I needed to try to relax for a few days as the past couple of weeks have been crazy and I know that the ones to come will be all but slow.

    Kind of really tired right now though! Not good to get up at 4.30 in the morning for  3 weeks and then go out and party and still wake up the same time, but it was a really fun night so its almost worth it! haha


  4. I admit, its true…


    I have seen rumors flouting around on the web for a few weeks now and I decided that I might as well admit that they are true. Was going to keep it a secret until I actually had it, but I figure that there was no point denying it anymore…;-)

    Say hi to my new whip! The Lamborghini LP 670 SV, the fastest Lambo ever produced!

    What color and equipment that will be put on will be shown when I get it fully decked out on the 26th of March!

    I am not going to lie, pretty stoked about it!

    I am off to go deal with the plates now, see you soon!


  5. JOV Limone Episode 6. Action!


    A really long day with more jumps then I have done in a long time, felt more then great to be back in the air, I need to do this more often!

    Since the site is new I am going to post this video in the regular blog section just so you guys don't miss it, but in the future all Videoblogs will be posted in the "videoblog section" right above the blog.

    Hope you guys like it, I had the best time hitting it even though the wind made it pretty scary, felt good to push myself out of my comfort zone!!