Jon Olsson

Pearl Harbor


As you know, I have said that I have traveled the world for the past 15 years and been super bad at doing anything else than sking (or surfing). As I am working on changing that we decided to spend the day at Pearl Harbor to make sure I saw something else than the tip of my board on this trip! haha

Super cool to see all the old Battleships and Submarines and see how they lived back in the day. If you ever visit Hawaii and like a bit of history, I can truly recommend a visit here, I really enjoyed it! We checked out the Bowfin Submarine and the huge Missouri Battleship.

I did make it back in a sun set surf session and I have to say that I am starting to feel a little better, so the practice is starting to pay off!


  • Toroto

    Nice to see different things in your blog.

  • Love Richardson

    Hej Jon
    4 frågor.
    Kommer du att gifta dig med Janni?
    Kommer du att skaffa barn med Janni?
    Hur kommer det att vara när du kommer till förskola/skolan med det barnet i din RS6 DTM?
    Kommer du att göra en ny YT (YouTube) kanal eller fortsätta på JonOlssonVideoBlog?