Jon Olsson

Pins and needles


Good morning!

Its 05.20 here in Sthlm and I just finished packing, I guess the only good thing about Jet Lag is that is super easy to get up in the morning! haha Have a 07.55 flight to Munich where Seppi (video blog filmer) is picking me up! Super stoked to be heading down to Syubai to get the season started! Got some fantastic last minute treatment from Jonas at Naprapatlandslaget last night. Have been really sore in my mid back over the last few weeks so I was very happy that he had time to see me in-between flights! Nothing serious but I do have a little work to do in order to get everything working perfectly. Jonas really is the man, if you ever need a physio in Sthlm, then make sure to hit him up, there are physios and than there are really good physios!

Have to run, see you soon!