Jon Olsson

Popcorn and Uggs


Sometimes its good to just go see a movie, buy lots of popcorn and wear comfortable Uggs! haha Today was one of those days! Worked all day and when the ide of a movie came up I was all for it!  Unfortunately the movie (Maze runner 2) was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time, but I guess that happens sometimes! At least the pop corn was really good!

Got a ton of work out of the way today so a morning surf is on the schedule tomorrow! Time for me to get some sleep so that I am fully recharged once I jump in the water!


  • Rune Wold

    Nooooooooooo…. I was so having big hopes for the Maze runner II. Then again its always the second runner… word play there.. that bust the old movie and more make the plot move backwards.