Jon Olsson

Pro MC Golf


So with all the new snow that fell in Austria me and my coach decided it was better for me to stay in MC and work out to then hit up Scandinavia and train there from this week end before we head east to Finland and the first EC race. Have a huge urge to ski right now but I think that its a great feeling to have so I think its a good plan.

Today I also got the chance to play some golf in Monaco with Alex Noren who is ranked 48 in the world. Alex is a super nice guy who lives down here in MC and ever since I decided to start playing golf I have been trying to catch him down here to get some tips on my swing, today I finally got to see how a real golfer does it. Since I have never had any lessons it was a lot of things I needed to change but he is a great teacher so after a few hour I think I was starting to figure it out a bit more. Will take som practice before I adopt to the new swing but I think its way smarter to get it right now instead of trying to change things later on when the swing is more engraved in my head. Had never seen the range in MC but after seeing it I find it hard to believe that there can be a more scenic place to hit balls!

After that we hit the gym and crushed a mean session of squats so right now I can barely move! ;-)


  • sounds like a great day and pretty sweet getting to play with Alex!

  • The Shot Caller

    skiing in life but golf is addicting

    that guy was 9th at the open championship

    he has massive fucking game

    I’m guessing he can bust it on average 310 off the tee

    Can’t understand why he doesn’t play more on pga tour

    anyway for that guy to take out 1 hr of his training time to help you is a blessing

    What happened to that car that you have worked on for the past 5 years that almost made it in gunball 2 years ago but died

    did you sell it?

    ask your coaches if they think its a good idea to instead of going heavy now to go with massive lighter reps like 70 percent of the weight but reps of 30

  • J LO
  • towrope

    You might want to think about where you park. Someone over shoots that green and you’ve got a nice golf ball dent in your 500,000 dollar car.

  • Driver

    The Audi with the golf-box on the roof is the perfect drive to the course! How far do you crush your driver? Must be great to play with a tour player, but also bad for your confidence…