Jon Olsson
  • Bartek Fogel

    Waiting for photos in high resolution – Huracan on wallpaper needs an upgrade :))

  • Vincentas Šarkauskas

    This wrap looks so good! Exclusive, different… just a piece of art! keep up, looking forward to see both of your cars together!!

  • MM9293

    Love the car !!! the previous one was more brutal but this one fits the most :) enjoy your ride together with Janni. Please make a video with a drive together with Rickard :P he will love it :P
    keep it #allthewayabt , like Daniel would say :)

  • SonaMahlin

    You should name it Gretchen (or Greta)

  • Mike

    Man, love the car, (still prefer the old one) but you’re losing the attention to details you used to have. Michelin stickers on Continental tires, really? Get rid of them please