Jon Olsson

Question session!


Thought it was time for a little question session, been a little slow in the comment field so thought maybe this could speed things up! haha So hit me up with anything you got! ;-)

Computer day with a nice little evening surf at the end of it. Still no ski bag so “stuck” here in Sydney until tomorrow! Could be worse though! haha


  • Guille

    Hey Jon! You are such an inspiration for me and i’d like to know what did you study in university and how did you start the douchebags project! Thanks!

  • disqus_iTWjPY8OPm

    Hey Jon! Looks like your in the best shape ever. Whats youre body mass index and body weight. Thanks !

  • Marien

    How’s your stomach doing? and you overall endurance/health. Back at full lifting power?

  • David Evans

    The photos on your blog are looking better than ever!

    Just wondering if you could post some Lightroom editing tips? What sliders or brushes are you using?

  • The Shot Caller

    when you are in Los Angeles go to Malibu have dinner drinks at moon shadows it is a really fun place over looking ocean

    wondering if you have checked out the the cadillac convertible concept car personally I love them seems like a really fun car to drive gun ball in

    are you going to go cat skiing this year or hell skiing

    Please keep having as much fun as possible. and remember the most amazing women in the world are in south America

    google dicks sporting goods they have a baseball sized orange ball with points on it they are absolutely amazing to get aches out just roll it against the door

    magnesium citrate bananas and time will heal toe along with foot massage the broken toe may be a blessing to hold off skiing for a few more months getting knees stronger

    God bless game up

  • Danito

    what are your plans for the winter?

  • G man

    I read that you work in bed, I have tried many ways with my MacBook Air but cannot be working for more than an hour. How do you setup??

  • LifeOfLife

    I’ve been reading your blog for several years and you have always been a source of inspiration. Do you still think you can perform on snow? I mean, there is no doubt about your skill in skiing but have you got “IT”? Or do you just ski because of your sponsors, image and marketing value? Looking to your blog, photos and videos you appreciate so much more then skiing nowadays.

  • Markus

    Hi Jon,

    I am really stocked about your pictures!
    Can you show us how you edit the pictures in Lightroom and Photoshop?

    And than I would like to ask you if you could write a guest blog on my website?
    The layout is still adjustment, but I would feel very honored about that!

    Let me hear what do you think…
    Best wishes from the Alps,

  • HH

    Do you have any plans to release more douchebags clothes in the future?

  • Raiko Kaldoja

    Hei Jon, where do you think you would be at life in the moment if you haven’t started skiing ?

  • Maximillion

    Do you see yourself still as a professional Skier?

  • Jeffrey Barry

    “Could you do a ‘Ski Kit’ page discussing all the kit you use for different conditions etc.” – I’d second that. With gear constantly changing (I mean who would have a thought that just a few years ago an 84mm underfoot was considered a mid-fat and now that’s practically a SL ski!) I’d like to know what a modern ski quiver looks like.

  • fille

    Lightroom tips and tricks please!!

    And also, could you tell us about your new company in Monaco?

  • Kristian Andersen

    Hey, Jon! Can you show us some fast tips av tricks on how you edit your awesome and beautiful pictures in Lightroom ?

  • disqus_lALJWk8tMc

    Hi Jon! I was excited to meet you in Finland, on Gumball 3000 in 2013. Unfortunately i was in the army then, so i didnt make it. Are you planning to visit Helsinki any time soon?

  • Max

    Why and how did you move to Monaco on such a young age?

  • msvensk

    Tell us more about your colab with Line Werdelin and what’s your plan/goals for the upcoming ski season?

  • I have quite a few questions:

    – When will you be updating the ‘Cars’ page with the RS6 DTM build and new Lambo?

    – Could you do a ‘Ski Kit’ page discussing all the kit you use for different conditions etc. (I am sure you have done a post like this at some point)?

    – Can you give us some teasers as to the direction your new car project or do you still not know yet, have you decided on a base car yet?

    – Have you ever skied in Engelberg, Switzerland?

    – And finally a very specific question, what methods did you use for mounting the ski boxes on Lambos and the R8 when you were not using roof bars as I am interested in putting a box on an MR2 that will fit 190cm skis in and all my other kit as the boot isn’t that big but I want to leave the t-bar roof open.



  • Mat Iz

    What has happened to the Audi Q7 – in camo wrap? Do you still have it? Do you have any plans towards this car? I personally love it !!!

    Another one:

    Are you planning to have douchebags 15L – gumball edition? I really wanted to get my hands on these but I dont think its possible?

    Thank you

  • Gradin99

    When will the new colors on douchebag arrive?

  • JP_NC

    What happened to Seppi?

  • Will

    Will we ever see Jon Olsson go upside down a couple times on a mega kicker again?

  • Andreas

    Will we be able to buy douchebags shares in the future?

  • Hi Jon, how is the lambo doin?
    Could you tell us what kind of modifications you did to it or planning to do?

  • erikg

    How is the car plans going? can you tell us anything?

    It seems like you have pretty good economy. What´s your thoughts on charity? Especially now with everything going on in the mediterranian.

  • Robin

    Hey Jon,

    WIll you be making vlogs again this winter?


  • SandR

    Good evening Jon!

    First off, could you elaborate a bit more about what’s up your sleeve the upcoming five years? Given the fact that Michaela and Jens had a baby a few weeks ago, do you see yourself settling any time soon? If not, what are your goals for the next few years?

    Secondly, what do you think of some of the critics posted in the comments lately, about you not being a pro skier anymore? Personally, I agree with one of your latest comments, stating that skying is (and will be) the fundament you’ve build ‘Jon Olsson’ on. But I can’t deny that things seem to shift.

    Lastly, do you already have some info about the selected fans who can join for a ride in the new car? I was one of the selected people, and dropped you an e-mail, but haven’t received a response yet. I know you’re busy, but I’m just super stoke as I just missed you in Monaco last week!

    All the best for Australia.


  • skiforsam

    are you doing any filming for ski movies like msp
    and are you going to do any comps anymore

  • Toroto

    Hey, first of all, I’d like to share this video, cuz that’s how a video, car and music should be….jaja

    My question is: What are your projects for next year? and how is possible you are always happy, What’s the secret, are you human???

  • Jockel

    Since you are not spraying champagne in marbella any more, are you spending enough to keep the amex black? haha

  • schierle99

    Can you tell us more about your new company in monaco?

  • Tommi Bister

    Hi Jon, what are u up to end of September? I m in the Sydney area as well, may be we could meet for a ski session and / or a beer in the mountains? Cheers Tommi

  • Pietro

    Hi Jon, you are the Man! How do you modify your photo befor uploading them here? I love them!

  • Matthew Kelleher

    Jon – what are your plans for tricks while you’re down under? Last winter you were getting some shit for just doing a bunch of 3’s and your historical dedication to progression and new exciting tricks seemed to be missing. It was great when you got back the dubs! Since you invented many of the tricks in the sport how do you see your tricks progressing and what are you going to focus on this summer and into the fall? Obviously it’s not as easy as when you were 22, but maybe there’s a new creative way to look at the mountain? -MPK

  • Maarten

    Where is the Lambo and is it fixed? Read your request to late when you were stuck in France. I was closeby!

  • Alex

    Några nya hus uppdateringar? Eller nya bil planer? Skulle vara nice med en camo Hurucan

  • x97531

    and another question: when will you announce your current car plans?

  • x97531

    what boards did you get yourself and for which conditions?

  • sandro.gertsch

    Hi Jon
    Have seen your new odlo camo stuff, looks amazing. Will it be in stores this winter?

    Enjoy your last surf session before snow :) i would love to do it :)

    Cheers Sandro