Jon Olsson

Skiing with friends!


Looking back, I now see that I did one thing wrong last year! I went skiing alone without friends way to much! Having spent the last few days with all my old friends up here made me realize that whats skiing is all about! The fact that you learn stuff 10 times faster is just a bonus! haha So I think my winter plan is coming together more and more, I now know that I need to fly to where ever the boys are a lot more often! ;-)

Had another killer day in Perisher, this place is just park heaven! Super mega quick laps, no lift lines, slushy and killer jumps!  I have now done all the tricks I did last year (meaning I went upside down twice in the same jump… ;-) ) and a few more! Filmed a bunch of runs with the Slvsh guys and Wallisch, so will get an edit together in a few days, want to stack up on a few more jumps first! haha EDIT, just got a couple of screengrabs from the Slvsh guys so you guys can see how much fun we are having!

Looks like a few more epic days of good weather, so maybe its time to bring out the Cangaroo flip since we are in the land of Cangies! haha So stoked to just go out and shred! Very happy Olsson right now! ;-)


  • Jocke

    Great blogg last couple days/week Jon! I think you should keep skiing for fun with the boys like you say. You keep a more interesting blogg when you have this much fun :)

    Great stuff man!

    /trogen läsare

  • marian

    yess maan! so cool to see you up with wallisch :) damn nice! keep it coming!!

  • HH

    Now that’s good old Jon Olsson!

  • Christopher Larsson

    Jon, hur mycket behöver man lägga undan för att följa dig en hel säsong? Dvs man “råkar” vara på samma ställe som dig en hel säsong hahaha