Jon Olsson

Still here!


Thought I would have gotten my bags by now as they were set to arrive this morning. Latest info is now that they left Amsterdam last night (what the hell is is doing there?) So now they say its supposed to arrive tomorrow morning… As much as I love being down here I hate not knowing what is going on!

Had another great surf session this morning and I have to say that I love every minute of it! The feeling you get when the wave catches you is just like nothing else! Beats a ride in any kind of super car any day of the week! ;-)

Snapped a few more pics of the place that I am staying at!  The Payne family has been the best taking me in and this bag situation could not have turned out better! Never has a lost bag given me this much fun! ;-)


  • skiforsam

    are the Payne family ski related