Jon Olsson

Sun and water!


Just got back up to the room after a few hours by the pool, have to say that the Radisson Royal is really kick ass! Keeps impressing me every day!

About to go see a friend who lives at the palm and tonight we are all heading out to the dessert for a romantic Valentines dinner. Feels great to get some advice from the locals here as I sure that whatever desert they have planned, I know its not going to be the worst one! ;-) Hope you guys have a great day today and that you remember your ladies! ;-)


  • larson

    What do you think about the skiing slopestyle in the Sochi Olympics?

  • Rene

    Or…The Atlantis Waterpark;)you will never regret it

  • Rene

    You should try Wild Wadi for the ultimate thrill !!!